By: L.P. Lovell

"Well, the way I see it, this sexual tension here needs to be worked out." I gesture between us. “And your boss is waiting, so I'm guessing now isn't the best time." I smirk at her.

She rolls her eyes. "I'm sure you and your hand will have a lovely time working out your sexual tension together." She raises one perfectly plucked eyebrow. She's such a snarky bitch... why is that such a turn on?

I lean in until my lips almost brush hers. I can feel her warm breath. "And as much as the thought of you and your hand is enough to make me come over very unnecessary. I think you'd find my cock much more effective."

"You clearly underestimate my abilities. I'm very good with my hands." She smiles and cocks an eyebrow at me.

"I have no doubt." I study her face, her lips. I reach up and tuck a stray hair behind her ear. My fingers linger on her neck, trailing across the warm skin of her throat. She swallows and her tongue darts out over her lips. Holy shit, those lips were designed to please. I lean in, wanting just a taste of her. I brush her lips and her breathing quickens.

"I should go." She whispers, her warm breath washing over my lips and breaking the trance. I step away from her, dazed by her effect over me. She quickly opens the door and steps into the hall.

“Goodbye Miss Parker.” I smile at her and her eyes seem to visibly ignite before me, it's beautiful to watch.

She turns to leave and gives me a view of what can only be described as an incredible arse. The phrase ‘I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go’ seems very apt. I feel like I’ve just been hit with a wrecking ball.

The rest of the day is difficult to say the least. It took me an hour to get rid of the raging hard on she left me with. I go home and hit the gym for two hours. I train until my body can take no more.

After training I shower and change into jeans and a shirt. I’m aching all over but it hasn’t helped, I’m still horny as fuck. I need to find a woman I can bury myself in. I decide to call Hugo in.

“Hey. How are you?” He sounds chirpy as always.

“Good, You about tonight?”

“Well I have Charlotte scheduled for nine, followed by Tamara at eleven.” He laughs. “For you though, I can rearrange.”

“I need to get laid. Fancy it?" I ask.

"Well I love you dude, but you're really not my type." He laughs.

I sigh, ignoring Hugo’s usual bullshit. “I'll meet you at The Duke?"

“Sweet, in a bit.” He hangs up.

I walk into the pub just after eight. It's a Monday, so it's not too busy, but a quick scan of the place reveals a few possibilities for tonight. I spot Hugo already seated at a table near the bar, prime hunting ground.

The Duke is a regular haunt for Hugo and I. The sort of people who come here don't recognise us, it's nice to just be left alone occasionally. No Paparazzi, no desperate women or crazy boyfriends. Over the last few years Hugo and I have gotten ourselves a reputation as London’s rich playboy bachelor’s, the press eat up that shit. I swear to god, every time I get near a tequila shot they fucking know. Whenever I wake up with a monster hang over I can guarantee there’s a paper somewhere with a picture of either me, Hugo or both absolutely trashed. I never remember it though. My life is a blank to myself, but its okay, the press caught it for me so I can be reminded of the trashy women and the occasional public vomiting my life has become. Fucking great.

“Hey.” Hugo beams. Hugo has what I’d call the beach bum look with messy blonde hair, blue eyes, a golden tan achieved through regular trips to the south of Europe on ‘business’ and overly whitened teeth. He’s always happy, seriously he never has a bad day. That shit’s just not right. We've been friends since college. I helped him set up his now nationwide delivery business, putting in the capital to get it off the ground. Hugo’s life basically consists of a weekly visit to the office, at least I usually make twice a week, other than that he parties and fucks his way around London... with me.

“Hi.” I fist pump him as I sit down. The sound system is blasting some kind of rock music in the background. This bar has that kind of vibe, it attracts a lot of rock chicks who tend to make easy pickings.

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