Between Her Bosses:Box Set(10)

By: Sadie Black

My acrylic nails dig into his firm cheeks, I push my head down his member all the way to the base, feeling his neatly trimmed pubic hair tickle my lip. I moan on his cock as it hits the back of my throat, my panties are absolutely soaked from my desire.

Chuck pulls me to my feet in one quick movement, pushing me back against the cool metal wall. He pulls my skirt all the way up over my ass, making it an expensive fabric belt and picks me up. His muscular frame vibrates and he reaches between my legs and hooks my thong to the side, exposing my sex. I hug his waist with my legs, trying to pull him into my aching pussy.

“I want you so bad.” He thrusts into me quickly, burying his cock in me down to the hilt.

I feel myself race to the edge of my desire and fall over as a hot bolt of electricity jolts through me. Starting at my sensitive bud, my ecstasy radiates out through my body in a powerful, gripping shot. Every muscle in my body spasms while the walls of my pussy pulse around Chuck’s cock tugging him up higher inside me.

I want to scream and cry with my incredible orgasm, but I hold back for fear of people hearing me. All I can manage to pant in his ear is, “yes.”

Grabbing my wrists, he pulls my arms up over my head with one hand, pinning them back against the wall. His back tenses and his sexy ass tightens up as he pushes his weight into me. I struggle to catch my breath as his orgasm shudders through him, his thick, hot cum fill up my aching pussy in wave after wave until it begins to spill out of me dripping down my ass. He holds me perfectly still, my arms still pinned above my head and impaled by his meaty cock, as he gets his jagged breathing back under control.

Chuck pulls out of me and I drop my feet back down onto the floor, I’m not completely certain that I’m not going to collapse into a pile. Tugging my skirt back down, I try to smooth my clothes and hair so I won’t look like I was just ravaged. Chuck already has himself tucked back in, looking as sweet and put together as always.

He hits the start button and we both pant quietly as the remainder of the floors whizz by.


53rd floor.

Chapter Five: Office Panties

Chuck won’t stop teasing me, reminding me of the hot sex we had in the elevator yesterday and making me want to beg for more. Any concerns I might have had that things were going to get complicated between us evaporated in the photocopier room when he walked in behind me and pulled me into his body snugly, pushing his bulge into my ass. I wanted him to take me right there, but instead he whispered “to be continued,” and left for a meeting.

I want to drive him to the brink of his sanity like he does to me, but another sext is too predictable, too played out. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s predictable. I need something better, something that’s going to make him so crazy that all he’ll be able to think about is fucking me.

I’ve got it.

I take a quick look around in the hallway and listen, to make sure I don’t hear anyone. Nope, all alone. Perfect. Heading to Chuck’s office, I realize I’m tiptoeing across the floor. I guess something about being naughty makes me feel like I have to be a quiet as possible. After one more peek over my shoulder I ease his office door open and step inside, allowing it to gently click behind me.

This is the first time I’ve ever been in his office alone, a shiver runs up my spine. Reaching up under my skirt I tug my pastel pink g-string down over my hips and slide it down my legs, carefully maneuvering it around my Louboutins until it’s free. I scurry over to his metal desk and drop them on top of all his paperwork. That should be enough to get him going.

What if he comes back from his meeting with someone and my g-string is just sitting there? This could backfire. I open his desk drawer and find the perfect solution, a white envelope with the company logo on it and a pad of paper with the same logo shining up at me.

“I love what you do to me,” I scrawl in my neatest handwriting and then give the paper a soft kiss for good measure, pressing a faint image of my pink lipstick coated lips on it. I quickly fold the paper and write “A gift from Kadeesha” on the front before stuffing my panties and the note inside. There, that’s more discreet. I imagine the expression on his face as he opens it up. If texting a nude pic brought on yesterday’s hot elevator ride, then I can’t wait to see what crazy sex this will inspire.

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