Between Her Bosses:Box Set(2)

By: Sadie Black

“Well, it’s better that you didn’t,” his eyes glint, “you might not have shown up.”

“Nah, I’d be here. Most rich guys are dicks, right?” I’m getting too loud, just about everyone looks up from their phones at me. Reel it in, Kadeesha. “Still beats working my ass off at McDonald’s or retail.”

“There are other options between those two extremes.”

“Maybe for you, but a job like this doesn’t come along for everyone. Right now, those feel like my job options.” It’s the truth, I went to school and did the stupidest thing anyone going to college can do. I followed my heart. My stupid heart led me to a sociology degree with a minor in French. Real practical. “Anyway, I don’t know about you, but if I can get a steady paycheck and some medical benefits, I’m happy.”

I’m trying so hard to keep my eyes on his, but they keep sliding all over his body like a stick of butter on a griddle, and he’s just a smokin’ hot. I know I shouldn’t, but I take a little peek at the bulge of his groin when he looks at the clock on the wall. I’m not a total perv, just curious.

Go for it. What do I have to lose? “You think you’d want to head out for a coffee after this? You know, either to celebrate or lick our wounds.”

His smile looks different, it’s unnerving. Chuck walks to the center of the room, what the hell is he doing? Is he cracked?

He clears his throat, “can I have your attention, please?” I can literally hear the second hand ticking on the clock, all eyes are on him. Is he crazy?

“Thank you, everyone for showing your interest in this position. While we are pleased with this turnout, unfortunately, we are only hiring 3 people for the data entry positions.”

Wait, what?

“For those of you who don’t receive a job offer, please know that your interview results will be kept on file for the next six months and you may be called in if something else comes up. Without any further pretense,” he smirks at me, “let’s get this started. You and you,” he points right at me, “please step in my office.”

I slink into the office, too confused and embarrassed to even enjoy the amazing view out the massive mirrored windows. Why do I always step in it like this? Chuck closes the door and takes a seat behind his impressive desk, or the smooth metal curve he calls a desk.

“Alright then, tell me why you think you’re the right candidate for the job.”

Chapter Two: Licking Wounds

“Well, I fucked that one up.”

Charday chokes on her wine. “That’s so classic you,” she giggles. Her light caramel cheeks are flushed, making her look like she’s wearing the perfect shade of blush.

“It’s not funny! This was my only chance to get a job that matters.”

“And you didn’t do your homework and tried to pick up your boss,” she snorts.

“I didn’t know! Who does that? What kind of mind fuck is that?” I know I’m whining, but I’ll be damned if I plan to stop any time soon.

“Well, seriously though, it’s a pretty clever way of working out who’s there and for what reasons. Nozama is a multi-billion dollar company, can you blame them for being unconventional about how they weed out the new hires?”

Her being right doesn’t take the sting out of it. The barrage of questions I was completely unprepared for pop back into my head. What were Nozama’s last quarter results? Tell me the company’s motto. Where do you see yourself in five years? My answer to that last one makes my whole body cringe. I doubt “uh, I guess a main secretary or something,” was the beauty pageant answer he expected.

I know Charday’s right, I didn’t prepare. I just practiced some online typing tests and fantasized about spending fat paychecks instead of studying up on the company.

“Lesson learned, I guess.” I try not to sound as glum as I feel, but there’s no hiding how awful my day was. My roommate must finally feel like she’s beaten me down enough because she puts down her wine and gives me a quick hug.

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