Between Her Bosses:Box Set(6)

By: Sadie Black

"Look, Kadeesha, I don't want to rain on your parade."

"Then don't." I cut her off.

She's unfazed by my snippy tone, "but doesn't this sound, uh, too good to be true. I mean, what’s this guy buying?"

"What are you implying? Don't you think I could land a job like this? I don't deserve it?"

"You know that's not what I'm saying! It's just too much like a movie. Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or something. Not like a normal job offer."

"You're just jealous," I spit the bitter words out of my mouth. She doesn’t seem even a little excited for me. I guess Charday is just used to being the successful one. Maybe it's hard to watch the fuck up succeed for once. "Besides, she did quite all right if I remember that movie right."

"She was a prostitute! Kadeesha, you can't be foolish enough to think this isn't coming with strings."

"Who cares? What makes you think I'm not hoping it does? I hope Chuck ties me all up in those strings, like a naughty little prostitute. Why don't you try to be happy for me for once?" I pick up my purse and stomp out of our apartment into the clear, cool night. I should’ve brought a coat. It's just like Charday to take my good fortune and turn it into something ugly.

Letting the steam vent from my ears, I think about her warning. What if this is some kind of glorified call girl position? Do I even care? Chuck's sweet smile and dashing dimples elbow their way into my thoughts, and I can feel a flash flood of pure longing between my thick thighs.

No, I don't care. I don't mind at all.


I love the sound of my employee card opening the elevator, it's like the world's best credit card swiping across a machine made of diamonds. I can't wait to walk out on my floor, the 53rd. There's only 1 floor above mine and that's where the head CEO works.

I can't help but have a little swag, swinging my hips on over to my desk. Ryan Gosling, you’re beautiful, but this is definitely better than my even those tasty dreams. The sound of my very own, brand new Louboutins click against the tile. I guess you could say I felt inspired by Yvonne. I smooth my hands down over my sexy polka dot, Ralph Lauren pencil skirt as I take a seat in my large, but feminine violet leather chair. When I set my Prada Saffiano leather tote onto my desk and stare at how beautiful it is. So this is the 1%. Not even, but damned if it wasn't as close as anyone I'd ever met got.

The clock on the wall says it’s 7:58. Hot damn, I'm even early. I guess I finally found my motivation to be on time. Chuck strolls off the elevator and my heart leaps, he’s defying some sort of law of nature by looking even hotter than he did yesterday. I find myself hoping that Charday is right, I would jump at the chance to be his plaything.

"Well, well, don't you clean up nice," Chuck grins, and my insides feel like they're wrapped in fleece and sitting by a fireplace with a warm cocoa.

"Thank you, sir."

"Remember now, it's just Chuck when it's you and me. I don't see the need for pretense if we're the only ones around. Do you, Kadeesha?"

Do you see the need for clothes? "No, I don't. Old habits, I guess. I'll do my best to remember, Chuck." I look up at him under my newly extended eyelashes and watch him shamelessly bathe my curves with his gaze.

"I'm happy to hear it. It looks like you didn't have a hard time getting up to code with your look. Did you enjoy some pampering?"

"Yes, thank you so much for the generous allowance. It was like, a third of my salary. I feel like butter wrapped in silk!"

His dimples appear again, god I could just vacation in them, they're so deep. "Great. Well, let me show you the ropes. Most of the time, you'll just be doing follow up calls for me and inputting some data for my files. Of course, you'll be responsible for making all of my appointments and keeping my schedule as well as any other minor clerical jobs that come up. How does that sound so far?"

I hold my breath, unmoving I wait for the next part. The part that Charday warned me about where he makes his indecent proposal.

"What is it?" He looks concerned.

"Oh, nothing. I just thought there would be more." I mumble.

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