Between Her Bosses:Box Set(7)

By: Sadie Black

"Like what Kadeesha?" he steps into me and his cologne wakes up my senses. If I just stepped forward I could easily kiss him. I try not to stare at his pink mouth.

"Nothing, nothing." I wish I hadn't said anything. The last thing I want to do is make a fool of myself in front of him again. "I’m just surprised to be given this opportunity after my interview." I confess.

"What can I say, I love a woman who knows what she wants. Doesn't hurt if she's stunning either."

Kiss me. Kiss me! Why aren’t you kissing me? I try to hold back from kissing the air in front of his face, waiting for his lips to join mine. Be professional Kadeesha. At least try.

"Thank you, Chuck," my raspy voice bursts with desire.

"No, thank you!" He laughs, that sound of music fills his deep chuckle.

I’m almost finished my first day and I think I’m really getting the hang of the job. It seems like anyone with basic organization skills can keep Chuck’s schedule straight and the follow up phone calls are pretty straight forward. The most difficult part of this position, by far, is concentrating on my work instead of Chuck. Every time he stands within 10 feet of me my body craves him like a ravenous wolf. That might be a problem since his office door is rarely closed and we’re always only 10-15 feet apart.

When he stops by my desk to make sure I’m getting the hang of everything he hovers over my shoulder. If it was anyone else I would detest them standing like that. With Chuck it takes all of my sense to not whirl my chair around and grab him by his tie, pulling him onto me. This may have already happened in my mind. Once or twice.

In twenty minutes I’ll be officially finished my first shift. I can’t wait to buy some wine to celebrate. Chuck carries a manila envelope out of his office, just like the one that held the key to my fortunate turn of luck yesterday.

“Kadeesha, I need you to take this up a floor to Mr. Hollingsworth. We deliver our report for him at the end of every day. Once you’ve done that, feel free to skip out of here.”

“Sure thing, I’ll do it right away.” I reach for the envelope.

“There’s no hurry,” he brushes my hand with the back of his and my skin flushes with tingles of excitement. He helps me up from my seat, I’m standing an inch away from him basking in the warmth of his body heat. How is it possible for anyone to smell so good? I breathe him deep into my lungs like his scent is my oxygen. He leans into me, oh god, he’s going to kiss me! But he brushes his cheek against mine and whispers into my ear, “I’ll see you tomorrow Kadeesha.”

He pulls back and I’m left trembling in place, every cell in my body shrieks like a toddler having a tantrum—come back!!

It takes a second, but I manage to compose myself enough to grab my things, the folder and force my shaky legs toward the elevator. I don’t look back, but I can feel his royal blue eyes watching my ass sway with every single step.

A swish of the card and a two second elevator ride takes me up to the top floor of the Nozama building. I’m amazed to see that the entire floor appears to be Mr. Hollingsworth’s office. My shoes echo off his floors as I approach his desk.

Mr. Hollingsworth is on the phone. Even from the elevator, I can see that he’s gorgeous, but when I close the distance between us my heart starts beating like the wings of a hummingbird on a sugar rush. His raven hair is parted on the side and perfectly tapered to accentuate his strong jaw, carpeted by a short but dark 5 o’clock shadow. I watch his brown eyes size me up as I approach his desk with the envelope in my hand. I’m pretty sure I’ve been crossing this floor for an eternity when I finally reach the desk. He’s clenching his chiseled jaw tight, making his neck muscles twist noticeably as he talks into the phone. His voice is deep and commanding, I can tell that he’s not projecting it, but it fills the minimally decorated space.

I don’t want to interrupt so I just shoot him a quick smile and place the envelope down beside him and head back to the elevator. When I manage to trek halfway back across the floor, I hear him drop the receiver down abruptly and growl, “Stop right there young lady!”

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