Between Her Bosses:Box Set(8)

By: Sadie Black

I freeze. Something about his tone would stop a charging bull.

“What is the meaning of this?”

The meaning of what? I turn to face him and my heart sinks to see a scowl cross his flawless, tan face. I don’t say a word, if there’s anything I know well enough, it’s to stay quiet and let the boss tell you how you fucked up. It rarely helps to jump in with apologies or excuses, especially if you have no idea what the problem is.

“You do not strut into my office without invitation, Miss…” he waits for me to fill in the blank. My mouth is dry from fear and desire churning inside me.

“Kadeesha, er, I mean Williams. My last name is Williams.”

“Fine, Miss Williams. You must be the new hire.”

I nod, something about the way he talks makes me want to use as few words as possible.

“From now on, Miss Williams, the protocol is that you lock the elevator door open and you remain inside until I invite you into my office. Are we clear?”

I nod again, staring at how his suit clings to his sculpted shoulders. God, he’s so sexy! I struggle to keep myself in check, Mr. Hollingsworth is not the kind of man who would pursue someone like me. He’s definitely not the kind of man I would be wise to pursue either. He’s perfect, and he’s unobtainable.

“That will be all, Miss Williams.”

I turn sharply on my heel and scurry back to the safety of the elevator. Why won’t these doors close? I’m hitting the button like a woodpecker drilling a hole in a tree. Finally, I escape Mr. Hollingsworth’s sexy glower and I lean back against the cool metal cave descending back down among the peasants.

Chapter Four: DD Batteries

I’m standing in line at the Fairway after another intense day at work. The cashier rings my items through, 2 bars of chocolate and a package of DD batteries. She raises her eyebrow at me knowingly and I shrug. What can I say? My vibrator has gotten a lot of action this week. After working at Nozama all week, I have to say, I’m already good at my job. What I’m not good at is being toyed with and teased all day by Chuck just to end my shift with a visit to the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. A week! A week is a long time to walk around the office with your flesh feeling like an exposed nerve because your panties are always wet and you can’t stop thinking about all the naughty things you want to do to your boss… not to mention his boss.

Clutching my “guess-who-isn’t-getting-any” purchases under my arm, I climb back into the back seat of the Rolls. “Thanks for making a pit-stop Jarvier.”

“This is my job Miss Williams, I don’t mind at all,” he’s so good natured. I’m already starting to wonder how I ever managed without him. It doesn’t take long to adjust to luxury. I’m even thinking about getting my own place once I’ve had a couple paychecks come in. Although I haven’t said anything to Charday about it yet.

I’m relieved that the apartment is empty, Charday has been so snippy with me lately. I’m pretty sure she’s jealous as hell. I would be. The last thing I want is to listen to is her nagging me about the wine I’m popping. Just let me drink in peace woman! The first glass goes down in one gulp. Now that I can afford wine with fancier names than “white” or “red”, they go down even easier. Not that it was ever a problem before.

Plopping down on the couch, I turn on the tube and listen to 2 hoochies yell at each other about some man. The one woman is yelling, “you stole my man!” over and over while the other one says “you just jealous cause I grabbed his attention.” I watch this go back and forth longer than I should and next thing I know, I’m already down a bottle.

I need to slow down. I haven’t eaten all day and the liquor is making my head spin as bad as Chuck and Mr. Hollingsworth. I go open the other bottle, when I have a flash of genius. I need to grab his attention! Make him know that without a doubt I want him, but how?

“Please tell me you’re kidding, there’s no way you’re this dumb,” Charday groans.

I knew she wouldn’t understand. Sometimes a girl’s just got to make a move. I try not to stumble as I go to the kitchen and grab a bowl of chips and some more wine.

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