Big Law:A Novel(83)

By: Ron Liebman

Throughout my years as a practicing lawyer I was fortunate to be surrounded by, and on occasion facing off against, some of the country’s best lawyers. I also spent many years as a player in the docudrama called “the practice of law.” From my federal judicial clerkship, to the U.S. Attorney’s office, to a boutique law firm, to my twenty-seven years in Big Law, I had an interesting and fascinating journey, involving some great inspirational material. Thanks to you all for giving me so much to write about.

And finally, my love and thanks to my best friend, loyal reader, and wife, Simma; to our daughters, Shana and Margot; and their husbands, Michael and Aaron, for their love and support. And the mere thought of our four grandchildren is so joyous that it provides all the fuel needed to fill my creative tank.

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