Biker's Claim(8)

By: B. B. Hamel

“Maybe you should say it before I get really annoyed.”

I couldn’t help but grin at her. “Wild one, aren’t you?” I asked her. “Most guys at the club hate that mouth of yours.”

“Most guys at the club can’t handle me,” she said.

“I agree.” I laughed and stepped toward her. “Personally, I like that mouth, and all the things it’s capable of.”

Her jaw fucking dropped.

I savored that shocked look on her face, because I wasn’t going to get to see it again. I’d surprised her, but I doubted I’d surprise her twice. And fuck was it worth it.

“I can’t believe you’d say that to me,” she said.

“What, because your daddy is the club president?” I asked. “Doesn’t change the fact that I could make you moan loud and make your body sweat.”

She stared at me, totally bewildered, before finally laughing. “Okay, you lost your mind,” she said, walking into the kitchen.

I grinned and watched her go. I needed her a little off balance before I told her this news. Plus, it wasn’t like she was going to tell her dad on me just because I talked a little dirty to her.

And bedsides, all I did was speak the truth.

“Look, Janine,” I said, following her. “I’m here for a simple reason.”

“Oh, more than just to say dirty things to me?”

“I can do that too, if you want,” I said, smirking.

“No. Tell me what’s really going on.”

She poured herself some coffee but didn’t offer me any.

“Larkin wants me to watch over you,” I said.

She raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“I’m your new bodyguard, princess.”

She stared at me, speechless.

I grinned even larger. It looked like I was wrong.

I had surprised her again after all.



“Why the hell would I need a bodyguard?” I asked him.

That cocky bastard just smiled at me and shrugged. I wanted to throw him out, but Clutch was six feet tall and covered in muscles. I couldn’t move him an inch if he didn’t want me to.

“Not my place to ask,” he said. “Larkin gave me orders and I’m following them.”

I shook my head, completely mystified.

First, Clutch shows up at my door early in the morning out of nowhere. I didn’t even know he knew where I lived, but fine, that’s no big deal. Then he starts talking dirty to me, sending chills of excitement up my spine. Truthfully, I loved it; I loved the way he spoke to me. It was forbidden and dirty and exciting, and I’d been waiting for Clutch to say that sort of thing to me for a long time.

I’d always liked him. I watched him from afar, excited by his body, his cocky attitude, the way he seemed to effortlessly pull women into his life. But he was a player and a biker, and I knew better than to actually start to have feelings for a man like that. No, the only thing I wanted from him was his strong body pressed against mine.

But I’d never act on that, of course. He’d have hell to pay with Larkin and the others. Still, couldn’t hurt a girl to fantasize a little bit.

But there he was, starting to make some of my fantasy real.

Then this bodyguard bombshell. What the hell was going on this morning? Something was up with the club; that was clear. I knew all about the war, but Larkin hadn’t said a word to me last night about needing a bodyguard. This was new, and it was definitely seriously if he was sending Clutch to take care of me.

“No way,” I said. “Not happening. I’m calling my father.”

He shrugged, leaning against the counter. “Do what you have to do, princess.”

I glared at him but didn’t have the strength to argue. I left the room and went to my bedroom, grabbing my cell phone. I heard Clutch moving around out in the kitchen, pouring himself some coffee.

I dialed Larkin’s number, and he answered on the second ring.

“Larkin,” he grunted.

“What the hell are you up to, Dad?” I demanded.

He laughed. “Hi, Janine. I was expecting this call.”

“A bodyguard? What the hell?”

“Listen, it’s for your own good. Clutch is a decent guy and is good at what he does. Just ignore him.”

“No,” I said, surprised by my own anger. “Tell me why you have one of your guys following me around first.”

“I will,” he said. “I promise. Just not this second.”

“Right this second,” I said.

“After work,” he answered. “You’ll come to the clubhouse and I’ll tell you everything.”

“Dad,” I warned, “I’m not going along with this if you can’t give me something.”

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