Billionaire's Inheritance Bride(4)

By: Amanda Horton

Ace ran a hand through his hair. The old man was right. He had everything except the deed showing he owned the company.

The old man continued, “I can sign everything over to you…but you know what I want.”

Ace sighed in defeat. “I’m not ready to settle down and start a family. Besides, it’s your fault. You disapprove of everyone I introduce to you.”

“Bah! Socialites, starlets, models, actresses?” The old man enumerated with disdain. “A pretty face and a wet pussy are not all that a woman is made of. You should know by now, the dumber they are, the more expensive their taste. Those hussies will go through your pocket and leave you with just the shirt on your back.”

“Oh grandpa, you’re full of shit,” Ace chuckled, then added, “Exactly what is it that we are looking for in a girl?” He added emphasis on the ‘we’.

“A girl who can think for herself, and not those airheads you’ve introduced me to. Someone who will love you for who you are and not the number of zeroes in your bank account.”

The veracity in the old man’s words stung. His former girlfriends had expensive tastes. Vacations in the Maldives, jewelry, couture clothes, and cars - he always picked up the tab.

With the tension between them gone, old man Masterson beckoned his grandson near. “Ace, listen to me. I love you. You are my only heir. With your parents gone, I saw you grow up to become who you are today. A family will only make you stronger. I started Masterson’s conglomerate from nothing. It’s my legacy to you. Protect that legacy and pass it on to your children.”

Ace drew an audible sigh and replied, “I know grandpa. I love you too. I have a meeting at the office,” he added, before giving the old man a peck on the forehead.

Ace prepared to leave when the old man called out, “Better hurry with the search for the perfect wife. I may die tomorrow.”

“Sure! You’ll probably outlive us all, you wily bastard.” Ace replied, as the old man cackled with laughter.

The rest of Ace Masterson’s day was full. He managed a meeting with his top executives, a lunch with a prince from Saudi Arabia interested in buying his aviation company in Jeddah, another meeting with a senator, and closed a deal for a tract of land in India.

He returned to the main office ready to call it a day. A couple of checks needed his signature and Sienna’s note explained it was for the laid off personnel in a downtown office. He grabbed a decanter from a nearby console and poured himself a shot of brandy before signing the checks. All were payable to unfamiliar names. He recalled a memo about cutting the secretarial pool.

“This must be it,” he contemplated.

“I wonder if it’s too late for a booty call.” Ava, a girl he met in a bar said to call anytime he felt lonely.

“Shit, I’m not even in the mood.”

He powered on his Mac, deciding to check his emails. He had over 20 unread messages in his inbox. He scrolled through the names deciding there was nothing urgent that he couldn’t deal with tomorrow. He scrolled to the last email and saw it was from a Miranda Benson.

He didn’t know her, but the name sounded familiar. He clicked the inbox and was surprised to read the first line: Dear Mrs. Ann Mason.

“What the fuck…”

The email wasn’t for him; the sender had typed the wrong address. He wanted to ignore it but curiosity got the upper hand. She sounded distraught, probably the reason for the mix-up of names. Something clicked inside his head as he reached over and rifled through the checks he signed. There was one payable to Miranda Benson.

Ace leaned back on his swivel chair. The glow from the computer illuminated his good-looking face. He felt bad about the woman’s predicament. She sounded like a devoted mom, and spirited enough to coax her supervisor to plead her case. Her email was concise and clear.

“An intelligent woman my grandfather would approve of.” Then, “What if…”

He clicked on the Mac, in search of Mastersons’ personnel database. He entered Miranda Bensons name and drummed his fingers on the desk impatiently. The Mac blinked, then pulled the woman’s image from its vast memory.

Miranda had a long face and wide jaw line, a broad and beautiful smile that enhanced the attractive face. The distance between her hazel eyes was wide, making them a prominent feature. Her reddish brown hair was tied back, with loose bangs framing her face.

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