Billionaire's Inheritance Bride(6)

By: Amanda Horton

“You’re a single mom caring for your daughter, right?” Miranda nodded, wondering how he knew.

“You are not getting spousal support and your only means of income is your job as secretary?”

“Yes,” she replied, embarrassed.

“Do you have a boyfriend, or anyone special in your life right now?” Miranda shook her head slowly, wondering where this was going.

Doesn’t he want to know how fast I can type?

“Are you having sex with anyone on a regular basis?”

“No!” she sputtered, “I mean…I hardly have time for my daughter. A man would just be a distraction.” Miranda wondered if this was the interview or he was just plain nosy.

“Would you like to get married again someday?”

“When the right man comes along,” She answered honestly.

“Could you describe your ideal husband?”

Miranda was baffled by all these unorthodox questions, but decided to humor him. Bottom-line, he was the CEO and intended to give her a job.

“He should learn to love my daughter, and should respect me as a partner. He must be capable of working hard to secure a stable future for us as family. He would never cheat on me because I never will.”

Miranda saw approval in his eyes, although she wondered if telling him she could type 75 words per minute would sway the odds in her favor.

“One last question. Would you agree to marry someone that you’ve just met for the first time?”

“NO! That would be idiotic.” Miranda felt she had extended him enough courtesy to warrant an explanation. “Mr. Masterson, what’s all this about?”

Ace leaned back and deliberated. “What I’m about to offer you may sound crazy, but please hear me out and let me explain,” he said.

Miranda’s superficial composure turned to embarrassment when Ace described reading the email meant for Ann Mason. “I’m really sorry…” she started to apologize.

He flashed his palm, gesturing her to stop. She listened on and hardly believed her ears when he detailed the rest of his story. Miranda gaped at him, shocked beyond belief.

“You want me to marry you?” she asked, horrified.

“Call it a marriage of convenience. It’s a business deal. I’ll pay generously for your time. When my grandfather hands me the deed to the company, we’ll get a quickie divorce and you’ll have enough money to keep your daughter.”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to do that with?” It was indiscreet, and Miranda regretted asking.

“Not at the moment,” Ace replied, seemingly unperturbed. “You’re different from any of my girlfriends he’s met. Grandpa was never predictable and that’s why I think he might believe that I’ve fallen for you. We can say it was a whirlwind romance. We met and fell in love.”

Ace’s enthusiasm for the plot was infectious. “Please say yes,” he begged, “You’ll help me and I’ll help you with your dilemma. I think this is a win-win for both of us.”

“THIS is such a ideal situation. Being married to Ace would mean that James can’t threaten me about Sadie anymore…and marriage with a sexy man like Ace is the wildest thing that could ever happen to me. It will be over soon and it will all be okay for everyone. I’m crazy if I say no.” she reminded herself.

“Okay! I say yes.” Miranda agreed, feeling secure for the first time.


Miranda knew deceiving the head of a conglomerate wouldn’t be child’s play. The old man may be senile, but he was not a fool. Ace suggested spending time together- a lot of time together- “business meetings” he called them, to become familiar with one another. The only rules were honesty, no holds barred, and no judgment.

Miranda volunteered information about her past, nothing was spared, even her first kiss and the first man she ever made out with. She even answered Ace’s probing questions about bra size and her favorite sexual positions. Questions about married life and divorce were difficult; Ace seemed to notice, dropped the prying and moved on. Miranda came to know about his shenanigans with past girlfriends, the lavish gifts, his wealth and travels, and his consuming passion for the company.

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