Billionaire's Inheritance Bride(8)

By: Amanda Horton

“We should hold the wedding here, and it should be as grand as your mom and dad’s wedding.” Masterson announced.

“We were thinking of a simple wedding…” Miranda asserted, the words trickling off as the old man glowered. “We haven’t discussed a date yet,” Ace added.

“Make it soon” grandfather commanded, “and I want you all to move back here with me. This house is too big for me and the fresh air will do the child good.”

“Shouldn’t we be asking my future wife what she thinks?” Ace asked.

The old man glared at Miranda. How could she argue? Every fiber in her body was commanding her to say yes.

“Of course,” she squeaked helplessly


Miranda had a glimpse of the affluence and power behind the Masterson name during the wedding preparations. Ace assigned an entourage catering to her needs as the bride-to-be. From the flowers flown from Amsterdam, the menu and wine accompanying each course, to the wedding dress that was specially made by a designer in Paris, and the rock on her finger, Ace never missed a beat.

She was upset over the exorbitant sum spent on a deception.

“Do you really think my grandfather won’t speculate if I started saving pennies? I used to give away expensive cars to former girlfriends. Never underestimate him. He’s got his eyes on us,” Ace replied.

Miranda decided that if this were to be the only fairytale wedding she’d ever experience in her life, then she would savor every moment.

However, she was unprepared for the flood of emotions when the day arrived. A coterie of manicurist, hairstylists and two make-up artists fawned and fussed over her. “Does it really take so many people to make me look pretty for my wedding day?” She wondered.

The designer of the dress held the gown over her head as she slipped into it. He took her hand and led her to a full-length mirror as a string of ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ followed her. Miranda knew she had to look good. These people assisting her were experts in their field. She saw her reflection for the first time and gasped.

Who was that girl wearing the ivory-colored gown with the fitted bodice that accentuated every curve? Swarovski crystals decorated the sweetheart neckline and illusion lace at the back. The gown flowed to the floor in a mermaid style that accentuated her hips. Diamond-drop earrings dangled from her ears and a slim diamond encrusted bracelet hugged her wrist. Both pieces of jewelry were gifts from Ace.

“Oh my God!” She whispered in delight. She knew Ace would approve.

“Mommy, its time!” Sadie announced, entering the room with a flourish. She held Miranda’s bouquet in her hand.

Miranda accepted it and asked her, “Doesn’t mommy look like a princess, sweetheart?”

Sadie nodded, gave a toothy grin, and declared, “But you’re not really a princess. You’re just my mommy.”

Miranda’s heart was beating wildly as they headed to the courtyard. Every inch of space was decorated with exotic flowers. She trembled lightly as the music from the string quartet signaled the start of the ceremony. With Sadie by her side, she walked slowly down the aisle toward her groom who was equally dapper in a three-piece suit. He looked perfect. Everything was perfect.

Tears welled in her eyes. She knew she was in love with Ace. She had known that for quite some time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t part of the legal agreement that she signed for this sham marriage.


“Exhausted, Mrs. Masterson?” Ace teased, noting the worn out expression on her face.

They were in the penthouse suite of a 5-star hotel Ace had booked to escape the revelry still going on back in the house. The band was a popular group and the party would last till the wee hours of the morning.

“No, not tired. Just confounded as to how I’ll get out of this dress considering it took a team to get me into it,” Miranda replied.

Ace eyed the sheer number of buttons that lined her back. “Let me give it a try… and if I haven’t said it yet, you look ravishing.”

Miranda secretly smiled, swept her hair aside, and stood with her back to him. Ace fumbled with the tiny buttons and swore under his breath a couple of times. Miranda wondered if it was the sight of her nape that was making him awkward. Back when they first kissed, he had said he always wanted to touch the back of her neck.

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