Billionaire's Inheritance Bride(9)

By: Amanda Horton

He managed to free her after what seemed an eternity and immediately poured a large glass of brandy. She headed for the bathroom door, casually stepping out of the expensive gown before going in. She knew he had a glimpse of her wearing just the strapless bra and lace panties.

“Here’s to us,” he toasted, handing her a glass of wine when she emerged wrapped in a dressing gown. He had shed off his tuxedo, loosened his shirt, and was walking around barefoot. Miranda had never seen him in this state of dishabille. A strange sensation stirred between her legs.

Casual conversation was needed to ease the tension she felt. “Do you think grandpa is happy about the wedding?”

Ace replied, “I think so. I’ve never seen him having so much fun dancing in his wheelchair with Sadie. That little girl sure knows how to weave her magic.”

“Can you blame her?” Miranda asked. “She thinks he’s everything, especially after he got her that pony. I hope he doesn’t spoil her too much.”

“He will,” Ace countered.

“I don’t know how I’ll ever face him again if he finds out about us. He’s been so kind and accepting of Sadie and me. That makes me feel so guilty. It weighs heavily on my mind, you know.”

Ace drew close and held her tightly. “If that happens I’ll tell him it was all my idea, that you had nothing to do with it.”

Miranda was stunned. “You can’t do that. You’ll lose everything,” she countered.

“I won’t be poor if that’s what you’re worried about. It won’t be Ace Masterson the billionaire playboy, just Ace the regular guy,” he grinned.

Miranda shoved an elbow to his ribs, “Don’t be silly. I don’t think you’ll ever be filed under the “regular” category.”

Ace chuckled, still holding her. Miranda liked being held in his arms. She reached out a hand in a gesture of gratitude and stroked his face. “Thank you for everything- for a fairytale wedding, for being the kind person that you are, and for giving me a chance to keep my daughter.”

Ace caught her hand, turned it palms up and kissed it. “I promise that no one will ever take Sadie away from you.”

It was inevitable that she would kiss him. Her gratitude was overflowing. It was supposed to be a kiss of appreciation, but Ace responded by holding the side of her face and deepening the kiss. It wasn’t like their first kiss inside the car when he teased her about being ready to meet his grandfather. This was something different, more erotic; arousing dormant sexual desires she didn’t know she still had. She submitted to its call and snaked her arms around his neck.

Miranda knew she was treading in dangerous waters. But this was her wedding night… and she wanted Ace.

Ace’s lips traveled along the side of her neck and made their way slowly down her throat. She moaned in delight as his stubble chafed her soft skin, tickling her. Her hands acquired a life of their own as she feverishly caressed the muscle on his chest, daring even to journey down, lower to his belly and feeling the hardness outlined inside his pants. She caressed it gently, hearing him groan against her neck as his manhood increased.

“Miranda…” he whispered huskily.

Miranda took his hand and cupped it against her breast, her meaning clear. She wanted him.

Ace moved with surprising swiftness. He lifted her into his arms and strode purposely towards the bedroom. Placing her gently on her feet, he stripped off the robe she was wearing. She stood there half-naked until her brassiere and panties joined the heap on the floor. Her hands moved furiously with his until he too was fully undressed.

Ace pushed her down to the mattress and gazed at her nakedness. The hooded eyes with the pupils dilated, nostrils flaring with every breath, heat emanating from every pore, betraying him of his own lust for her. His fingers caressed her rib cage, each stroke igniting the embers that had been fermenting. When his fingers touched the softness between her legs, Miranda flooded with desire that made her weak.

He straddled her and bent low running kisses down her neck, her collarbone, and between the valleys of her breasts. His lips found her aroused nipples, and his tongue swirled and played with the oversensitive tips. He sucked her hard. Miranda gasped in pleasure then grabbed his cock beneath him and stroked him firmly.

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