Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(10)

By: Brandy L Rivers

Then again, Jamie really couldn’t think of a time when Dacia was in a better mood.

When Dacia didn’t immediately comply, Jamie tapped her foot insistently. “You don’t have to like it, and you don’t have to come work out, but don’t knock it. Some of us like pushing ourselves past our limits to find new ones.”

Rolling her eyes, Dacia dropped the keys into her hand and marched back around her car. She snorted. “Have fun,” she scoffed before climbing back into her car, taking off.

Jamie didn’t hesitate. She ran to the door, opened it and stepped inside. Yup, still empty, but it was hers. The equipment was scheduled for drop off later that day.

Breathing deep, she walked through the open space. It was dusty, and stale. Easy fix, she smiled to herself, opening windows and doors to get the air circulating. She went through her mental checklist of everything she’d ordered and when it should be there. Her to-do list was growing, but she was ready to get to work.

It wasn’t long before the door opened. She turned around to find Preston and Leon standing there. With an excited squeal, she rushed over to hug Leon. “What are you doing here?”

He tipped his head toward Preston. “An old friend mentioned you might want a hand setting everything up. When will the equipment start arriving?”

“An hour or so.” She hugged Leon tighter before releasing him. It was good to see one of her dearest friends. They had been close for the last eighteen years. Before she even became a wolf. He was the one who got her into the gym.

“Should I go?” Preston feigned sarcasm, but Jamie felt his doubt.

Smiling bright, she turned to pull Preston in for a hug. “You better not. You’re as welcome as Leon any day. That is, if you’re here to work?”

“You know I am.”

Chapter 3

After a long flight to Las Vegas, and driving most of the day and evening, Devlin was exhausted. He finished the array of junk food he grabbed at the last gas station and fell back on the motel bed, ready to give in to sleep and find his little wolf.

He closed his eyes and seconds later, he was swept into the past, searching for his father at the local pub.

Devlin waded through the tables, looking for Dad. He wasn’t there, Devlin couldn’t sense him at all. Instead he felt the presence of dark mages and his blood ran cold.

Shifting into a black cat, he wove his way through the legs of people littering the bar, slipped through the kitchen, and into the alley… or so he thought.

He’d walked right into the black bag, and he felt the wards bearing down on him, blocking his magic, and keeping him trapped in the small animal’s body.

The moment he’d feared almost as long as he could remember had come to pass and there was nothing he could do but accept his fate.

He still remembered the story of how Dad saved Mom and what he saved her from. Dread filled in the blackness as his imagination churned out the most horrible images.

The air stirred, going from warm to chilled as he was tossed onto the stone floor. The bag was ripped open and he was unceremoniously dumped on the unyielding surface.

His father screamed, “No, Devlin! You should have run.”

A silver clawed hand raked across Dad’s chest, ripping open the tender flesh as crimson blood spilled down his pale skin. He grunted as he dropped to his knees, but gritted his teeth and held back any further reaction.

The nightmare was barely getting started, and he tried to close his eyes, to hide in the corner, but the Shadowstalker grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. Evil black eyes trained on his terrified face. “Shift now, or I will find a reason to continue the torture.”

“No more!” Jamie screamed, scooping him away. She threw her arm out, sending Malachi flying through the air.

“I’ve seen enough.” Jamie’s voice tore through the memories, transporting them to a meadow of wildflowers. She sat down, pulling him close and looking into his eyes.

“Devlin?” she asked softly, scratching behind his ear.

He leaned into her touch and nodded.

A tiny smile pulled at her lips, but he saw the terror in her eyes. “You are adorable.” Her sigh was full of regret. “I have questions though. I promise to pet you later if you’ll shift back and talk to me.”

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