Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(5)

By: Brandy L Rivers

“How long until it’s time to go?”

“About an hour before we leave. I’m heading over to keep you company.” There was a hint of concern in her twin’s voice. It made her nervous. Too many times over the years, Jess would waltz in and warn her about some horrible event lurking around the corner. This felt like all those times.

“See you soon.” With a sigh, Jamie hung up, and climbed to her feet. She gathered her tea, kindle and the fleece blanket she had laid out in the open back yard.

Why didn’t I ask his name?

His emerald eyes still haunted her, his nervous attraction drawing her in, intriguing her. She had a million questions, but she knew there was no time. Then, for some illogical reason, she’d told Dream-man to find her.

A fantasy, a goddamned fantasy. One that felt so real she had a hard time believing it was so simple.

Why could I feel his emotions in my dream? That doesn’t happen.

Jamie went inside, dropped her cup in the kitchen, and tossed the blanket and kindle on the chair, before going back to her room. September was still warm enough she didn’t feel the need to layer her clothes. She went with a cute floral sundress and tied her pale hair into a ponytail before touching up her makeup.

His accented voice played through her head. She took a slow breath and let out a dreamy sigh. “Precious, he called me precious.”

Jess giggled, stepping into the bathroom with her. “Who did? What did I miss?”

Jamie pouted. “My Dream-man.”

“Your dream man?” One pale eyebrow arched. “And who would that be?”

Frowning, she glanced away. “No one you know. No one I know.” The reality dragged down her good mood. Letting out a sigh, she shrugged a single shoulder. “Doesn’t matter, it was a silly dream.”

Jess’ whole face scrunched in consideration. “I hate to tell you this, but don’t trust a dream.”

“It was only a dream.” Jamie licked her lips. “A very hot dream, which felt more real than any other I’ve ever had, but a dream nevertheless.”

His sexy rumbled endearment whispered through her head, the intensity in his gaze thrilling her, even though she was firmly back in reality.

A smirk formed on Jess’ lips. “You need to get laid. It’s been how long since Preston?”

Jamie’s eyes narrowed, and she crossed her arms over her chest. “I don’t need a man to tide me over until I find my mate. I’m done wasting my time on men who can’t be what I need.”

“Okay then. So what did this dream-man look like?”

“It was dark, the moon shining down over the lake, and we were in the water. Pale skin—I think he was a redhead, but I can’t be sure. His eyes sparkled like emeralds. Mmm, and his body certainly felt long and hard. Oh, and his mouth was so damned scrumptious.” There was definitely a dreamy quality to her voice she didn’t bother to hide.

Jess rubbed her chin, watching her sister closely. “I don’t recall anyone fitting that description around here.”

Jamie rolled her eyes, turning back to find her favorite pink lip gloss, muttering, “It was only a dream.”

* * * *

The Edenton Crier was an interesting blog. Devlin had found Jamie Abrams. He also found his sister in the very same town, like it was fate. He had to see his sister, at least once.

And Jamie… he couldn’t resist her sweet, sassy smile or those big blue eyes that seemed to see straight to his soul, coaxing him from hiding.

Now he knew where he heard the name before, or rather something similar. Ten years ago, Jamie’s twin, Jess Abrams, was held by the Dales. Fallon, his own sister, was the one who took down the San Francisco ring, with the help of two mages.

DeMarco had made him to watch the video feed of what Malachi forced the two mages to do to her. Unlike Devlin, Fallon fought with everything she had against her captors, then turned around to free those held against their will.

He wished he had her strength, but he’d seen what happened when he resisted their demands. Devlin had never been a fighter, and he broke every time they started to torture someone. When DeMarco was being particularly cruel, he kept the victim in the next cell where Devlin couldn’t help, sometimes until they died.

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