Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(6)

By: Brandy L Rivers

Shaking off his regrets, and what he couldn’t change, he directed his attention to the blog. He knew Fallon was a tattoo artist but the blog confirmed rumors she was warding the tattoos themselves. It also went into how she won over the town when she helped the citizens of Edenton take down some mysterious Other fighting ring in Washington.

That might explain where Sarah’s master had disappeared to, and why DeMarco was becoming more desperate. Though the liche never would say what happened to Malachi.

Fallon was also getting married to a werewolf. The alpha’s second, in fact. The wedding was in a few short days. Jamie was part of the wedding party. He had two very good reasons to go. The same reasons he couldn’t stay.

Devlin felt drawn to Edenton, to Jamie and Fallon. It wouldn’t be long before the Dales came for him. He couldn’t risk showing himself to Fallon, but he’d promised Jamie.

His father had formed a bloodoath, keeping Devlin from telling his sister about their relationship unless she somehow found out. However, anyone who knew they were brother and sister were also bloodoathed because even at two, Fallon was already stubborn and strong-willed. The only way to keep everyone safe was to run, and never go back, except through dreams.

Now though, Devlin was afraid to seek Fallon out in the dreamrealm, though they spent years as friends there. Thanks to his captivity, he’d disappeared from her life twenty years ago. There was nothing he could say to explain his absence, so he stayed away.

He scrubbed a hand over his face, and drew a breath. If Fallon didn’t know, maybe it was for the best. Still, he needed to see her once, with his own eyes, to find out if their father’s choices had worked out for one of them.

It was too late to get back any semblance of the life he should have had. Free or not, the Dales would come for him. He couldn’t chance leading them to his sister, or his little wolf.

He smiled, remembering Jamie’s pale blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight, and her command

In two days’ time, his baby sister was going to be married. He remembered holding her chubby, wriggling little body. Her big green eyes staring up at him while she fiercely gripped his finger in her tiny hand.

Part of him still missed her and the relationship they could have shared. Often, he wondered about her life, about their mother, about so many things which could have been different.

With a decision made, he grabbed his few belongings and forged documents before heading to the airport. The trip to the United States would buy him some time to figure out the details.

Chapter 2

“What’s the matter?” Fallon asked as she sat down beside Jamie. “You look about how I feel when I’m missing Brody. Have you met someone?”

“Nope.” Jamie put on a fake smile, turning to one of her closest friends. Fallon’s scarlet hair was pulled into a clip, a few stray curls framed her face and neck. Her emerald eyes trained on Jamie’s, with concern etching her features.

“Is it Preston? Have you decided you miss him? My offer still stands. I’ll hurt him if you want.” Humor colored the honesty. Fallon had promised bodily harm if Jamie’s most recent boyfriend ever hurt her.

“It’s not his fault, Fallon. He was good to me. We simply didn’t work out, and not for lack of trying. The spark wasn’t there. So don’t take that out on him,” Jamie pleaded. “We’re good, we still talk. Hell, we even hung out last week, after I helped him move some stuff into his new apartment.”

“I don’t like it when you’re all mopey.”

Jamie shrugged. “The love isn’t there. What else can I say?”

Fallon rested her elbow on the table and dropped her cheek into her hand with a sigh. “I know, but I miss the carefree, fun-loving Jamie.”

“I’m still here. In fact, I’ll prove it by taking Kai up on his offer to prove his hips don’t lie.” Jamie took a look around and spotted the stripper with a wicked smile, twinkling dark eyes, and dance skills that put most men to shame. He’d been blatantly flirting all night. It couldn’t hurt to have a lap dance or two.

Putting on a confident smile, she stood and closed the distance. His grin turned wicked as he looked her up and down.

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