Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(7)

By: Brandy L Rivers

One brow arched as her lips quirked. “Still interested in giving me that wild ride I’ll never forget?”

“I’ll make your dreams come true,” he purred.

It took all her will not to sneer. Her dream man was coming, she felt it in her bones. Or maybe I’m ready to find my mate.

Batting her lashes, she nodded. “Show me the way.”

* * * *

After a couple dances, Jamie went home and showered. She collapsed on the bed, and didn’t bother with blankets.

Closing her eyes, she whispered, “Please be there.”

She hoped he was real, prayed her gut wasn’t lying, and the man of her dreams was flesh and blood.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in the middle of a ballroom, bathed in golden candlelight. Candelabras stood in a perfect circle about thirty feet wide. Soft classical music washed over her, tickling her senses. Heavenly silk caressed her curves, and without seeing it, she knew the dress was beautiful.

Jamie turned, coming toe-to-toe with Dream-man. He stood nearly a foot taller, his body long and lean in a black tuxedo.

Again, something about his features struck her as familiar with his scarlet hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. Then she realized she didn’t care who he looked like because she was lost in his unwavering gaze.

“Still want me to find you?” There was a warmth to his velvet voice, and more confidence, though she could feel nervousness around the edges.

The corners of her mouth lifted in a grin. “I truly do.”

“I’m coming. I’ll find you, but I can’t stay long.” He sighed, sadness clouding his dazzling eyes. “I feel drawn to you, Jamie. I need to see you, if only once.”

“Can’t stay?” she whispered, her heart deflating. “Then what’s the point?”

“I have to know you, and I have to…” He looked away, smoothing one hand over his straight hair. “I have to see something before I can fade away.”

“Fade away?” Sadness nearly overtook her, his regret only deepening her own pain. “And if I don’t want to let you go when you finally find me?”

He closed the distance, his fingertips tracing over her cheek and threading into her hair. “Darkness follows me. I feel it. You’re already precious to me, so I want you safe, happy, and most of all free of everything that comes with my past.”

“Even if losing you is too much to bear? Maybe you should stay away.” Her laugh was bitter. “What am I even saying? This is only a dream, and you aren’t real.” She turned away, walking toward the flickering flames. “Why am I even here?”

She felt his hands close over her shoulders. His breath grazed her ear. “I’ll stay as long as I can. I’m trying to lose my past. Even if I do, you may not like what you learn about me.”

“What are you?” There were tears in her eyes. “How are we standing in a dream yet it feels so real?”

“I’m a Dreamwalker. You are my fate.”

Jamie turned and his hands smoothed down her back, drawing her close. His emotions churned through her. Attraction, intrigue, desire, and something deeper. Still, along the edges, she felt his fear, terror, and a sense of loss threatened to wash over the rest.

She would fight to keep him, no matter what he said or did. If he actually came, she didn’t think she could let him go.

“What’s your name?” The question rolled off her tongue before she could take it back.


He bent, caressing her lips with his. Her mouth parted and he deepened the kiss. His arms drew her closer, his big hands caressing over the silk dress.

“My Dream-man.” She couldn’t hide her smile. Jamie craved him in a way that scared her. There was a darkness present, lingering, tainting him, but his soul was pure, struggling against the turmoil. She wanted to break him free of his past.

“That sounds so seductive coming from your lips,” he purred, his eyes blazing with desire.

She trailed one hand down his side, before cupping his straining length. “If you won’t stay, let me have you in my dreams.” Jamie didn’t mind she was begging. She needed him to belong to her in a way that made little sense. Just a dream. Just a fucking dream.

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