Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(8)

By: Brandy L Rivers

He looked torn as he pulled away. His smile evaporated, leaving a pained expression. “I won’t have our first time be in a dream. When we come together, I want us flesh-to-flesh, Precious. And trust me, I won’t be able to resist you when we meet.”

“But it’s only a dream,” she argued, wishing she truly believed that. This was real, even if it was in another state of mind, with no barriers, she could feel him. His emotions, his body, everything, as if he were truly standing in the room with her.

“Not exactly. Making love to you here would leave us both feeling empty. I swear I’ll come to you, even if it’s only to taste your sweet lips in the real world.”

Regardless of what he said, he obviously planned to leave.

“If you won’t stay, why tempt fate?” Her heart ached at those words.

“You won’t want my past, Precious. I can only bring pain and suffering if I stay.”

“And if you’re wrong?”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I’m not wrong.” Once again, he disappeared, leaving her all alone.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she opened her eyes and slid under the blankets. She felt their connection through a dream. Real, solid, and so similar to the bond many of her friends enjoyed.

Jamie wanted that. A mate. Someone to call her own. It was going to break her heart to have him only to watch him walk away. He was hers in a way no one else could be.

* * * *

The untraceable satellite phone rang as he pulled his suitcase from the luggage carousel. Devlin’s heart sank. The Dales were already after him. There was a very good chance Leonard was dead or wished he were. He never imagined they would be able to find the old forger his father had used for as long as Devlin could remember.

“Where are you hiding?” Sarah purred.

Devlin hoped his friend’s death had been fast. Knowing Sarah, it was more likely to have been slow and drawn out. All because Devlin had escaped. His only consolation was Sarah didn’t know where he’d gone, so he was safe for the time being. At least the entire Atlantic Ocean was between them.

“Where the hell are you, Devlin?” she screamed. In his mind’s eye, could see her gray eyes swirling with shadows, her dark hair shifting as if a breeze picked it up.

Her rage fueled his bravado. “You can’t control me through the phone. Nice try though.”

“I’ll find you. I’ve tasted your blood and I will track you down.”

Devlin took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “After everything they took from you, why are you letting the Dales pull your strings? I remember you telling me you wanted to get away from them, or have you forgotten that?”

“DeMarco gave me this one mission, and my reward will be my husband.”

His heart nearly stopped. That name in the blog post came back to him in a wave of horror. Brody Dean, Fallon’s groom, was Sarah’s husband. Everyone believed her to be dead, but they were only half right.

He was tempted to break the promise he had made in a dream and keep on running. Jamie’s sweet command came back to him, and he knew he couldn’t disappoint her.

Father taught him to run. He could stay two steps ahead. First, he would go to the wedding, then he would meet Jamie in person. After that, he had to disappear so no harm would come to his little wolf or his sister, who could never know who he was.

His tone was intentionally cruel. “How many years ago did you choose death over having your husband’s child?” That wasn’t quite how it went down, but close enough to what she now believed.

Her answer came without pause. “I am everything he ever wanted. He will not turn away from me after pleading with me so many times to accept he was a werewolf.”

I wouldn’t be too sure. “Well, good luck, Sarah. You won’t find me.” He hung up without another word, thanking the Goddess for the sunrise that was quickly approaching, and the fact Sarah would have to get creative to take a plane across the ocean.

* * * *

Jamie woke up early, threw on an old pair of jeans and ran out the door. First stop, A Good Book, and she hoped like hell Liz or Tremaine would be there to help her find what she was looking for.

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