Breaking Free:Others of Edenton: Book 4(97)

By: Brandy L Rivers

“We’re on it, we’ll find out what we can. Just keep her safe, man.” Lonny hung up.

One of Leon’s brows rose, “You sure it isn’t Henroyld? Maybe he’s moving things forward.”

“Caelia would have warned me. She wouldn’t want it done like this. Henroyld may be a world class piece of shit, but Caelia wouldn’t let him do that.”

“Would she necessarily know?”

That was a good question. Either way, while Isa is in the bar, she would be safe. Getting back before closing time was key, but he couldn’t stand there and watch this clusterfuck without going in and ripping Evan’s head off. Literally.

“Want company?” Leon asked casually.

“No. Not in the mood.”

“You could go get her now.”

“No, I don’t want to scare her. And you’re right, she’s been bailing on the men who pick her up before leaving for the night. I’ll let her handle this. She’s getting irritated and it would serve the prick right if she blasted his ass. I’m looking forward to watching.”

Leon laughed out loud. “You take care.”

“Safe trip.” Toryn nodded, not taking his eyes off Isa as Leon headed for his car.

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