Breathless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires #1)(7)

By: Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully

Yet she’d just let him get in a car with a madman.

Some guardian she turned out to be, she thought as Will and Jeremy roared along the runways as if they were on a racetrack. Her heart hammered as the whoosh of their passing blew her hair across her face.

She hated speed after what had happened to both Jeremy and her parents. Or at least, she should have hated speed. Yet her heart, a traitor to everything she knew to be right, secretly ached to be in the car with them, to taste the rush of air as it raced right through her...and to feel the same rapture that was now shining on Jeremy’s face.

The Cobra made two more laps before Will slowed and eased to a stop beside her.

“Careful getting out,” he said to Jeremy. “The pipe down on the side is hot and I don’t want you to burn yourself.”

Before she could rush around the car to make sure Jeremy didn’t touch the big black exhaust pipe, he was already pushing himself out, using the roll bar, not the windshield, just as Will had told him.

She crossed her arms over her chest and gave Will a narrow-eyed gaze as he also climbed out of the car. “How fast were you going?”

He answered her with the solemn, sincere look he’d used on her earlier when he’d promised not to go too fast. “Fifty on the straightaway.”

“No way.”

“I swear.” He crossed his heart, just like before.

“Well, then, fifty is too fast out there.” It probably wasn’t, but she had to argue, because Jeremy was her responsibility. Or maybe it was because Will was so darned gorgeous and persuasive that she felt as though she had to fight the urge to automatically give in to him.

Jeremy bounded around the car. “Wasn’t that cool, Harper?”

He’d had to learn to talk again after the accident, and even now, all these years later, his speech was careful, almost strained sometimes, as if he was searching for the right words. But he’d clearly been feeling great today—almost like the eighteen-year-old he should have been. And she could see that he’d just had so much fun. His elation was bursting out of him like an excited puppy who’d just been let out of his crate.

“Was it good?” she asked in a gentle voice. The wind had gusted his hair into spikes and tangles, and she smoothed down the soft brown locks.

“The best.” Jeremy’s eyes gleamed, his gaze bouncing between her and Will, then finally settling on her. “Your turn now, Harper.”

She shook her head. Hard. “I’m not getting in that car.”

Will smiled winningly. Or cunningly. She honestly wasn’t sure at this point, her heart beating fast at even the thought of getting into the sports car with Will.

“I promise I won’t take you any faster than I did Jeremy,” he told her. “And you just saw for yourself that he didn’t come to any harm.”

Another easy promise. There was a challenge there, too. And for a moment of pure insanity, she wanted to take the dare, feel the exhilaration, inhale it. She wanted to go fast, feel the wind beating her face, feel her blood rushing wildly through her veins.

But she was not insane.

Safe. She needed to keep everyone safe. Not only Jeremy, but herself, too. Just because she might want something didn’t mean she could have it. Not if it was something that was bad for her or for Jeremy.

Unfortunately, the best refusal she could come up with in the face of both of them looking at her so expectantly was, “I’m wearing a skirt. There’s no way I can get down into that seat.” But even as she said it, a part of her—a really big part—wanted to take what he offered.

Just once, she wanted to close her eyes and race with the wind.

“I’ll help you.” Will held out his hand.

“It’s fun, Harper.” Jeremy had to add his two cents.

“Once around,” Will said, his voice low, his gaze deep, his hand still held out to her as if he had no doubt she’d eventually agree. “That’s all it will be. A fast ride that you’re going to love. I promise. Once around,” he said again, before smiling and adding, “Unless you want more.”

As if he’d known how close to the edge she already was, his coaxing words had her falling right into his blue gaze, like a cliff diver hurtling down to water as smooth as glass.

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