Celestial Desire(10)

By: Abbie Zanders

Outside of learning the little things that drove her out of her mind with lust and made her come, he was woefully short on useful intel. He didn’t even know her last name, he realized with a shock.

“Does she feel the same way about you?” Ever the lawyer, Mitch probed for information.

Zane frowned. “I don’t know. She seems happy enough when we’re together, but…”


Zane rubbed the back of his neck. “But so far our time together hasn’t extended past the bedroom.”

Mitch’s eyebrows rose. “Oh? You haven’t taken her out?”

“No. I asked her to go sailing, to dinner, and a couple of other things, too, but she’s always busy.”

“Hmm,” his uncle hummed, a telling sound that only increased Zane’s growing sense of unease. “That’s a switch, isn’t it?”

Zane took the blow, knowing Mitch was only voicing the truth. Usually Zane was the one discouraging attempts to turn a hook-up into something more than just sex. At first, he’d thought himself lucky that he’d found someone who wasn’t openly clamoring for all the extras – dinner, movies, drinks, five-date rules – wastes of time and money that would lead to good, even great sex, and then the inevitable moving on. But now he was the one wanting more, and if anything, his interest in Celeste had grown stronger instead of waning.

He genuinely liked Celeste – the sound of her voice, the way she smelled, her witty banter. She hadn’t made any of the usual demands on him, either - beyond stretching him to his sexual limits, that was. She didn’t ask a bunch of questions or try to get into his head, or whine about not going out. She seemed perfectly content to please and be pleased.

He knew exactly where to kiss her to make her melt. Just where to stroke to make her tremble with need or spill her honeyed cream for him. There was not a spot on her body he hadn’t kissed, licked, sucked, and caressed.

But he had no idea what kinds of food she liked, or what type of music she listened to. Did she prefer books or movies? What did she do for fun (besides turn him inside out)? Where had she grown up? What prompted her to move? These were just a few of the questions to which he wanted answers, but Celeste had proven more than capable of distracting him whenever he started asking.

The things he did know were minimal, at best. She was obviously intelligent if she could design and build custom computer systems. Definitely not materialistic, given the lack of content in her condo. And a bit on the messy side. He had yet to see her “bed” made, and her clothes were often draped over the cardboard boxes strategically placed throughout her place. Digital equipment was everywhere in seemingly haphazard piles; though to be fair, she seemed to know exactly where everything was. Her furnishings – table, chair, and mattress excluded – consisted of moving boxes propped open and stacked on their sides like a poor man’s version of IKEA chic.

Zane didn’t think it was due to a lack of money, either. Anybody who could afford a condo is this community had to be pretty comfortable financially, and her clothes were well-made if not extravagant. The few items in her fridge and cupboards were top-shelf, too. Celeste had an earthy ambivalence toward material possessions, yet another thing that sparked his interest.

In short, she intrigued him enough to warrant further study. Maybe once his curiosity was satisfied, he’d be able to go more than a few minutes without thinking about her. Or wondering what she was doing at any given time. Or whether or not she might be thinking of him, too.

The irony of the situation was not lost on him.

“So what are you going to do?” Mitch’s voice cut through the mental fog and returned him to the present.

As far as Zane was concerned, there was only one answer. “Keep trying.”

Mitch considered him carefully for a few minutes, then nodded. “Guess I’ll call Jessica and tell her you’re not interested then.”

Jessica was his uncle’s current woman friend. From what Zane had seen of their relationship, it had the potential to be serious, if it wasn’t already. “Interested in what?”

“Her daughter just moved here, and hasn’t really had much of a chance to settle in or meet anyone. Jess says she’s got her own business and works all the time. She hasn’t even gotten around to getting furniture yet. Jess put together a small, informal dinner party tomorrow night and invited a couple of people in the hopes of getting her out and about for a few hours. She asked me to invite you, too, since you’re around the same age. Thought you might be a good resource if she had any questions about local attractions and whatnot.”

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