Celestial Desire(4)

By: Abbie Zanders

Time became irrelevant; he had no idea how long that kiss lasted. He was barely aware of the fact that he was holding her against the wall, keeping her softening body from sliding downward. Her hands burned like brands on his back, despite the cotton T that separated them from his bare skin.

He pressed his erection against her belly, wanting her to know exactly how interested he was.

“You’re very aroused,” she murmured.

He broke contact with her lips – now swollen and dark from his possession – and exhaled slowly, resting his forehead against hers as he struggled to calm his breathing. His hips, however, continued to roll in slight, sensual movements. “You’re a very arousing woman.”

He felt like a horny kid rubbing against her like that, but damn. Maybe he should try to cop a feel, too. His long fingers slipped under the hem of her skirt, tracing the skin along her outer thigh. Before he knew it, they were sliding beneath the silk of her panties, exploring. Discovering. He caught his breath about the same time she did.

“You’re very wet.”

Her eyes sparkled, just like he knew they would. “You’re a very arousing man.”

There was no reason to wait. Not when he was hard and aching and she was slick and ready. Before she could catch her breath, he stole it away entirely. One swift tug and the flimsy barrier of her delicate panties was history. He lifted her up against him; she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips as he moved forward toward what he hoped was the bedroom.

“Are you on the pill? The ring? The rod? Get shots?”

“What?” she breathed. She looked up at him from the queen sized mattress occupying the far corner of the bedroom floor. Her expression was bemused, her eyes clouded with desire. He liked that look on her. A lot.

“Birth control,” he clarified as he lifted her shirt over her head and buried his face in her substantial cleavage. With a skillful flick of his fingers, the front closure clicked open; he used his lips and teeth to peel apart the satiny, lace-trimmed cups as she arched beneath him, offering herself to him with a breathy plea of need. Zane reveled in the softness of her obviously natural breasts as his hands explored the slight, womanly swell of her abdomen. It had been a long time since he’d felt anything quite so real, quite so… arousing. His cock was like iron. “Are you on any kind of birth control?”

Another sound, this one deep and throaty as he sucked her hard nipple into his mouth, causing his shaft to throb insistently, demanding he move things along. It wanted inside this woman and it wanted her now. If the rest of him hadn’t been in one-hundred percent agreement, the sheer intensity of his need might have given him pause.

“Um, no,” she breathed apologetically. “It’s… been a long time. Haven’t needed to.”

He knew it! This woman, as hot as she was, was also incredibly inexperienced. Warning bells should have been ringing in his head, but they weren’t. Or maybe they were and he just couldn’t hear them over the pounding of his heart.

“Don’t worry,” he told her, pulling a foil packet from his pocket. “I’ve got this.”

The relief in her eyes was tangible. She spoke volumes with those eyes. At the moment they were filled with longing and need, and something that he rarely saw in a woman’s eyes in the throes of passion: amusement.

“Boy scout?” she teased.

Her amusement was not the turn-off it would have been under any other circumstance, because he recognized it for what it was - anxiety. She wanted him, but she was a little scared, too. He grinned back at her, hoping to alleviate some of her unease. If she changed her mind now, he’d probably experience the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion first-hand.

“How’d you know?”

“Always… prepared,” she said, her eyes widening as she watched him sheath himself. “Um, Zane? I think we might have a problem.”

Problem? No, there was no problem. There couldn’t be. Not when he was so close to burying himself balls-deep in all that lush heavenliness. He would kill it, whatever it was. “What’s that?”

“I don’t think it’s going to fit.”

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