Celestial Desire(7)

By: Abbie Zanders

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’m planning a small get-together, kind of a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ thing.”


“What? It’s just going to be a couple of people.”

“You know I don’t like those kind of things.”

“You need to get out and meet people, honey. I promise, it won’t be bad. Just some local business people who live in the complex. Potential local contacts. Please.”

Celeste exhaled heavily. “I’ll think about it, okay?”

Jessica smiled. They both knew Celeste would be attending. “Fine. Now about tomorrow. I was thinking we could start at …”

* * *

It was supposed to be a once and done thing; satisfy his craving, scratch his itch, then move on. Yet he found himself at Celeste’s condo again two nights later. She’d called and like a slobbering hound he’d been out the door with the phone still held to his ear.

He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her, which should have bothered him more than it did. He rationalized it away, reasoning that because he’d underestimated her the last time, he needed to redeem himself before he could move on.

She was giving him a second chance, and he wasn’t going to blow it. He tucked a dozen condoms into his pocket this time. Apparently she was just as anxious for a re-do, because her door flew open before he’d even lifted his hand to ring the bell.

Hungry eyes fixed on his and her pebbled nipples were clearly visible beneath the white silk of her robe. He growled and stepped over the threshold, taking her in his arms while he kicked the door shut with his booted heel.

“Zane,” she panted, “can you do that thing?”

“What thing?” his words were muffled against the soft skin of her neck, his breath coming as hard and fast as hers. Christ, he was like an animal around her! Within seconds of showing up at her door with a bouquet of flowers, she was naked in his arms and he was trying desperately to push his jeans down enough to free his aching erection.

“That thing,” she pleaded, grinding her hips against him. At least he wasn’t alone in this crazed lust. Less than forty-eight hours had passed since he’d walked out of her condo, but it might have been forty-eight weeks given the unbearable throbbing in his groin.

“You mean that thing where I shove my aching cock inside your tight wet pussy and fuck you till you scream my name?”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as he did just that. “Yeah,” she exhaled in blessed relief. “That.”

A week later, he was no closer to walking away. She was right out of his personal fantasy; sweet, smart, sexy as hell, and freaking insatiable. They’d make love and barely fifteen minutes would go by before he found himself lusting after her again. Granted, she had an incredible body, all soft, womanly curves, with generous natural breasts and hips that cradled his body and melded to every hard plane, welcoming him with heat and slick moisture. No matter how many times he prodded for entrance, she was always ready and willing.

Seven days since he’d first noticed her by the pool, and he’d seen her no less than three times. Those three times had consisted of marathon sessions in her condo, though they’d branched out a bit. They made heavy use of the mattress (she still didn’t have a proper bed), but also explored the shower, the kitchen counter tops, and the section of wall just inside the doorway.

He touched the pads of his fingers to the raw-looking rug burn along her lower back, recalling how they had rolled off the mattress in their spirited play and he hadn’t even thought about easing up. She winced at the slight contact; he made a mental note to put some ointment on that when he had the strength to stand again. The thought of her hurting was unacceptable.

“I was thinking of heading out to the marina tomorrow, doing some sailing. What do you say?”

“Sounds awesome, but I can’t.” Her voice was a soft purr as she stretched out languidly beside him.

“Another thing?”

“Yeah. I’m setting up a new system for someone.” In between their bouts of epic sex, he’d learned that she designed, built, and installed custom computer systems. That explained all of the digital equipment piled in her living room when she didn’t even have a decent chair to sit on.

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