Celestial Desire(8)

By: Abbie Zanders

“I thought you made your own hours.”

“I do, mostly, but this isn’t regular business.”

“Postpone. Reschedule. Work your magic.” He punctuated each word with a nip of his teeth, finishing with a couple of long, lingering licks.

She groaned and shifted, giving him better access while her fingers threaded through his hair to keep him from moving too far away. Celeste, it seemed, was every bit as greedy for his touch as he was for hers. “You make it hard to refuse, but this guy’s really important.”

“Guy? Should I be jealous?” His tone was teasing and light, but the unease in his gut was anything but.

“Relax,” she chastised on the crest of another groan, arching her back as her breast bid for more attention. “You’re more than enough man for me.”

Feeling remarkably better, Zane started breathing again. “So who is he?”

“My mom’s friend. She really likes him, and he’s a great guy. He … did something for me. I’m hoping to repay the favor a little.”

Zane didn’t miss the way she averted her eyes; there was some undercurrent in her tone that had his protective instincts rushing to the surface. It was unsettling, to say the least. He’d known her what, a couple of days? He shouldn’t be feeling this… territorial.

Then again, the normal rules didn’t seem to apply when it came to Celeste. If she was anyone else he wouldn’t have returned a third time. Once was usually his limit, twice if the sex had been truly epic. He wasn’t sure he’d ever even made it to a third visit before, so he was in unfamiliar territory even when it came to rationalizing what it meant.

He shoved those thoughts to the back of his mind, unwilling to overanalyze while he had all this soft, warm flesh against him. Celeste and logical thought were proving to be nearly mutually exclusive.

“What did he do for you?” he pressed.

Her entire body tensed in his embrace. Was it in anger? Fear? Annoyance? Zane wished he could see her eyes so he’d have a better idea of what she was feeling; her every emotion was displayed clearly in them, he’d noticed.

He refused to let go when she tried to pull away. Instead, he let his hands move slowly over her back, soothing strokes meant to calm. After a span of several heartbeats, he felt her begin to soften again. He liked that he could have that kind of effect on her.

“You ask a lot of questions,” she said finally against his chest.

“Add ‘curious’ to ‘honest’, ‘prepared’, and ‘resourceful’.”

She grinned slightly, but it faded as quickly as it had come. “It’s a long story,” she hedged. “Maybe another time, ok?” She pulled away from him, the first time she had done so. He didn’t like it at all, but this time he allowed it.

“Okay,” he agreed reluctantly. “But, Celeste?”


“I want to know more about you.”

She gave him a sad smile and touched her fingers to his lips. She opened her mouth to say something, then changed her mind. Instead, she rose up on her toes and kissed the corner of his mouth. “Go on now,” she said softly. “I’ve got work to do and you’re too much of a distraction.”

Zane wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, giving her a proper kiss. If she thought he could be dismissed that easily, she was mistaken. But something was bothering her, and he had the feeling that if he pushed too hard she’d shut him down completely. That was the last thing he wanted.

“How about dinner, then?”

“Can’t,” she said. “Got a thing.”

Another thing. He was fast becoming tired of things getting in the way of him trying to do something more than simply fuck her into ecstasy, and wasn’t that a shocker? He shelved that little epiphany for later when he could examine it more closely. She was trying to move away from him again.

“You know, pretty soon I’m going to think you just want me for my rod.”

She grinned, and the mischievous spark was back in her eyes. “Well, to be fair, it really is an amazing rod.”

He heaved a martyred sigh, though his chest puffed out with male pride at the same time. If that’s what it took to keep her around for a while, he’d man up.

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