Chance For Love (The Watson Brothers #1)(10)

By: Ann B. Harrison

“Did you enjoy your meal, ma’am?”

Callie jumped. She hadn’t heard him return to the lounge. “Yes, it was perfect. Thank you very much.”

He cleared her plate and cutlery before setting another small plate in front of her. A single serve cheesecake with fresh raspberries bound in a nest of chocolate sat tempting her taste buds. “I really don’t think—”

“Enjoy, ma’am. Mr. Chance insisted I feed you adequately. He dislikes women who try to survive on lettuce leaves or less.” He sniffed delicately. “Not that you look like the lettuce leaf type of person, ma’am, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

She picked up the spoon and dipped into the cheesecake, taking a moment to savor the carefully created artwork. It seemed a shame to destroy what someone had taken the care to produce but, once tempted, there was no going back. Once the dessert hit her tongue, she groaned in pleasure. The taste of white chocolate underlined with a hint of fruit melted in her mouth.

Brandon smiled and nodded his head in approval. “Another of Mr. Chance’s favorites.”

“I’m understanding why, too.” Callie licked the spoon clean before dipping it in the remaining desert.

“For breakfast tomorrow, I thought an omelet with cheese and herbs, and whole grain toast with honey. Perhaps a pot of tea. Is that acceptable for you?”

“You really don’t have to go to any fuss. I’m happy with just toast.”

“Ah, but you have a lot happening tomorrow. After your appointment with Mr. Chance, you have a long drive ahead of you back to the ranch. I wouldn’t want you to attempt either thing without a decent breakfast.” He smiled in a grandfatherly way. “I’m a firm believer that you can face anything the world throws at you if you have a decent breakfast.”

She put down her spoon and looked at the butler, heat creeping up her cheeks. “You know what’s happening tomorrow, don’t you?”

“I must admit I’m privy to Mr. Chance’s movements, yes. I had the pleasure of arranging the car and the venue for your nuptials.” He folded his hands behind his back and looked at her.

“Must seem strange to you, me coming all this way to marry a man I don’t even know.”

“Well, now, far be it from me to make assumptions, ma’am. Mr. Chance does what he pleases and nobody would dare to question him why, least of all me, but I do suspect he knows what he is doing. I’m sure you’re just what he needs, too, at this time in his life.” He leaned forward, cleared away her plate, and tidied the table while Callie sat there watching. She toyed with the stem of her glass and finally finished the champagne before handing it to the butler.

“Well, guess I’d better get my beauty sleep then. Can’t show up for my wedding looking like I just dragged myself in from the back paddocks.”

“I unpacked your bag, ma’am, and didn’t notice a dress for the occasion. Mr. Chance gave me permission to rectify that if I thought I needed to. I’ll have something sent up first thing in the morning. Sleep well, Miss Callie.” He smiled and took the trolley, pushing it from the room.

Holy heck, she’d forgotten to buy a dress. How could she even think of rocking up to her wedding with nothing other than jeans and work shirts? It had been on her to do list but her bus had arrived in the city late and she didn’t have enough time before she caught her flight from Australia. Then it had simply slipped her mind.

Chapter Three

Chance stood inside the office at the wedding chapel door, watching the hovering paparazzi who normally staked out these venues in the hope of scooping a story for whatever sleazy tabloid would buy them. The Elvis Presley Chapel was always busy and there was the chance someone famous could sneak into Vegas for that quick behind the scenes wedding they seemed to love. The last thing he wanted was to be recognized. Not that it would cause a stir as much as an actor being here would, but he wanted to be the one who told his family he was married and that would be on his time schedule, not a trashy magazine’s.

It might have been a tacky place to tie the knot, but he thought the humor of it might help break the ice for Callie. His nerves were pulled tight so he could imagine what she was feeling right now after flying halfway across the world to marry someone she’d never met before; after all she’d been through.

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