Chance For Love (The Watson Brothers #1)(5)

By: Ann B. Harrison

“And that’s what I’m getting at. I’ve tried to bring in people to run the place that claim to know what they’re doing. A couple of hands hasn’t worked in the past, but this person knows the way of life and has the experience to back that up. I figure it’s a safer bet. Besides, nobody apart from your friend applied. Believe me, I’m disappointed too but there you have it.”

Tyson dropped down onto the super king-sized bed and watched Chance pack an overnight bag. “What are you doing? Thought you said you were picking them up from the airport. Not like you to dress up all fancy like unless you were expecting to get laid while you were there. Doing a little something on the side, brother?”

“Mind your own business, Tyson. Now scat. Go on home to your horses and your own life. I’m fine, everything is under control.” He zipped up the suit bag and threw a package of toiletries into the small suitcase.

Tyson stood up. “Fine then. Be like that. Just wait until the boys in town hear you’ve gone and brought in a foreigner to run the place instead of giving the job to Jethro when you go back to the tour. They’re not going to like it at all. You know how we like to keep things in the family.”

I’m not going back, ever. “Well that’s just too damned bad, they had their chance to apply, and feel free to tell them why I didn’t employ Jethro, too, or I will. And I don’t want you wasting all your time up here when you have your own place and more than enough to do. The other boys are living away so I can’t rely on them, nor should I have to.”

“You know Rory lost his grip on reality when his wife died. He needed to get away or he would have gone crazy with everything the same and her gone. You can’t blame him.”

“Yeah, well, that’s his call. This here is mine.” Chance pushed Tyson out the door and hooked the bags over his shoulder while using his cane to steady his leg.

The brothers headed down the sweeping staircase of the huge log home Chance had built six years ago not long after their grandfather died and left him the property. His meteoritic rise to fame on the IBR tour and his wise investments had given him more cash than he could spend on a good day, but this was his dream for the time when he was too old to ride bulls. All part of his plan and the reason he’d set up his business the way he had. He just hadn’t expected it to come around quite so soon or in such a painful way.

The home was set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains with views from the front rooms of the house over Copper Mountain and down into the town. The two story building looked like it jutted out of the wooded hills with acres and acres of rich green pastures spread out all around it. But once one drove up the long, winding driveway and got closer to the house, they could see the pine forests were set well back at the base of the mountains which were already tipped with a fine dusting of snow.

He threw his case in the bed of the big, black truck and hung the suit bag in the back of the cab. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine and so will the new ranch manager. Trust me when I say I have it all under control.”

Tyson shook his head before he looked up into Chance’s face. “If’n you say so then. Let me know when you get back home. I want to see this guy and make sure he knows what he’s doing before you go back on the tour. Would hate to get any surprises while you’re away winning more hearts and making dollars.”


“Talking of which, are you going to marry that actress I saw you with on the television entertainment show? You know the one with the Barbie figure and jet black hair—Libby Tucker?”

“Not telling you any of my secrets. Now get on outta here. I have things to do, places to go.” Chance hooked his arm over his brother’s shoulder and gave him a quick man hug before pushing him toward his own truck. He watched Tyson jump into the cab and start the engine. Chance remained standing there long after the rumble of the truck could no longer be heard on its trip down the mountain.

The sun shone down on his face and he took the time to look around the hill at the ranch he had built up in the off seasons. His big log home shadowed the tiny cabin his grandfather had lived in. The young bulls were grazing in the paddocks, oblivious to the turmoil racing through his mind. He’d wanted to tell his brother about Callie, the girl from Australia, but he didn’t know how Tyson would react and if he’d go blabbing to the other boys. Last thing Chance needed was them all descending on the ranch while he was still trying to get to know his new wife. Not that it was any of their business, but the brothers were close, always had been. Especially after their mother had died young and the old man had taken to a bottle to drown his sorrows.

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