Chance For Love (The Watson Brothers #1)(8)

By: Ann B. Harrison

Callie handed it over and watched as it was checked before being handed back. The smiling woman tapped a bell beside her computer and a bellhop hurried over to take her bag. “Leo will show you to your suite, Miss Lister. Please call down for dinner when you’re ready, I have it booked for seven thirty but feel free to change it. A butler is waiting by to serve you this evening as Mr. Watson felt you would be exhausted from your flight and would probably like an early night. Your car is booked for ten am tomorrow morning. Breakfast is available twenty-four hours, but might I suggest you eat by eight am to make your appointment?” She smiled at Callie and handed the key to the bellhop. “Enjoy your stay with us, Miss Lister.”

The click of the door closing behind him brought her back to the present. She bit her lip. Never before had she stayed in a hotel and she never imagined she would ever in all of her life stay in something as flashy as this. It was like a palace, something she’d only ever seen on a television program. The lounge dining room she was standing in was almost bigger than the house she grew up in. A small, white baby grand piano took pride of place over by a set of French doors with gold edged drapes pooling on the floor like a wave of melted bullion.

A marble fireplace was set into one wall with a large portrait of a young Edwardian girl standing with a small dog at her feet hanging above. Callie shook her head. It seemed so out of place in this desert town but, after the drive in from the airport, she doubted she could be surprised by anything else she saw. Double doors were slightly ajar and she walked over, taking a peek into the room beyond. A giant bed sat in the middle of the room, facing yet another set of French doors that opened onto a small Juliet-type balcony.

She walked in, trailed her hand over the bed before pushing down on the cover. The mattress moved under her fingers, dipping down like a cloud and she longed to climb under the covers now, forgoing dinner. Her stomach rumbled in protest and the toot of a car horn distracted her.

Callie walked over and pulled open the door, stepping outside to take a sniff of the night air and watch the tourists milling out along the pavement. The sounds rolled over her body, the noise of it all making her wince. For a short time as they’d dropped down over the red hills of Nevada, she’d had the feeling she could be home in Alice Springs but that thought was quickly pushed to one side as soon as she stepped off the plane. Standing outside on the balcony only brought it all back. She was as far from home as she could imagine and the people she had met so far were nothing like she was used to. Flamboyant and loud, the surroundings gave her a headache. She stepped back inside and shut the door on the outside world.

Callie explored the rest of her suite and discovered a bathroom to end all bathrooms. A deep tub was set in a marble surround, half sunken into the floor with an impressive array of buttons on one side. A tray on the edge of the bath held a selection of pretty bottles and she crouched down, leaned over and picked one up. When she unscrewed the top, a soft and fruity perfume reached her nostrils and she breathed it in deeply.

Before she could change her mind, she popped in the plug and turned on the taps. Callie poured the contents of the small bottle under the flow of water and watched the suds build up, covering the surface like fluffy clouds. She checked that the door was shut in the lounge before shucking off her dusty, worn, leather work boots and threw them on the floor beside the bed. As she walked back into the bathroom, Callie undid the buttons on her shirt, peeled it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the tiled floor. Her faded denim jeans quickly followed along with her panties and bra.

She turned the light down to a soft glow before dipping her toes into the fragrant water filling the huge tub. With a sigh of pleasure, Callie folded her travel weary body into the suds and leaned back, resting her toes on the tap to give it a gentle push when the water reached just over the tips of her nipples.

The buttons on the side of the tub were explored one by one and when a soft rhythm of water pulsed around her body, she closed her eyes. The only sound was the flow of the water running through the jets in the tub which shut out all of the rush and bustle of the outside world.

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