Chance For Love (The Watson Brothers #1)(9)

By: Ann B. Harrison

The soft tap on the door and a discreet cough woke her up. She squealed and covered her breasts.

“Sorry, ma’am, but dinner is almost ready to be served. Can I say around five minutes?”

“Um, ah, sure. Just let me get dressed please and I’ll come out.” She cast her gaze frantically around the room for something to cover up with.

“I do believe there is a fluffy robe behind the bathroom door, ma’am. Perhaps you would be happier dressed in that tonight since you won’t be leaving the suite.”

“Um, sure. If you think that’s alright.” She pulled the plug and sat in the cool water, watching it flow down the drain.

“Entirely up to you, ma’am.” He cleared his throat and she heard the soft footsteps move away from the door.

Callie stood up and reached for a warm towel from the heated towel rack beside the bath. She draped it around herself enjoying the warmth after the cool water. How long had she been in there? The time difference was messing with her head and she had no idea what time was anymore. It would probably take her a few days to get used to the new time zone and the best way to do that was to sleep through it, in her opinion.

There was indeed a fluffy white dressing gown behind the door. Thick and soft, it was the thing dreams were made of. Never before had she ever dressed in something this nice and luxurious. Her old dressing gown at home had seen better days but she’d refused to part with the pale blue chenille hand-me-down, wearing it like a second skin after her shower at night until faced with the inevitable wardrobe culling prior to her move. She wrapped the thick cover around herself, groaning in pleasure as the fabric brushed against her skin. The marble flooring was cool on her bare feet and she slid on a pair of matching slippers, digging her toes into the soft clouds of comfort.

The muffled sounds of someone working came from the lounge and she took a quick look in the mirror before venturing out. Callie looked tired and there was no getting away from that. Her body sagged from exhaustion and it was tempting to climb into the huge, comfy bed in the other room. She’d even forgo dinner for the extra half an hour’s sleep she would probably get.

“How lovely to meet you, Miss Lister. My name is Bronson.” The elderly gentleman was dressed in a black suit and looked very classy as he set her place at the table. “I usually butler for Mr. Chance whenever he’s in town and it’s my pleasure to serve you while you’re here. I took the liberty of ordering you a meal tonight as I knew you would probably be tired and slightly thrown out by the time zone. Mr. Chance usually likes his steak so I ordered you his favorite dish.”

Callie smiled and walked toward the table. It was set for one with a heated serving tray waiting beside it. She took the chair Bronson held out and sat down. The smell reached her nostrils, making her stomach sit up and take notice before he even pushed her chair in. She held her hand over her belly as it rumbled.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was so hungry.”

“At least we know the meal will be appreciated, ma’am.”

Bronson placed a napkin on her lap before he took the lid from the hot plate. He served her a medium rare steak with asparagus and baby potatoes dripping in a butter sauce. When Callie picked up her knife, Bronson held up a bottle of champagne toward her glass.

“Uh, no thanks. I don’t usually drink much.”

He smiled at her. “Might I suggest a small glass just to help you sleep tonight? You have had an eventful day and I’m sure you want to be looking your best tomorrow when you meet Mr. Chance.”

Callie blushed, wondering how much the butler knew. “Thanks.” She watched him pour the golden liquid, mesmerized by the bubbles rising in the crystal glass. Once the glass was full, the butler left her alone to eat her meal in peace. She heard him wandering around in the bedroom and bathroom and dreaded what he might be doing. Cleaning up her mess was her job, always had been. She’d left her clothes strewn all over the floor and now felt ashamed of her laziness. Oh well, next time she would be a little bit more careful.

The meat was tender and moist, just how she liked it, but this was steak like she’d never had before. It was juicy and succulent, with a smoky tang that lingered on her tongue and left her hungry for more. The flavors woke her up and she surprised herself by polishing off the whole meal. She made sure to sip at her wine, too, lest Branson chide her. The bubbles raced over her tongue and sparked an interest. She glanced at the bottle in the bucket of ice and couldn’t read a word the label said. Something foreign and strange. She could get used to this kind of treatment, including the wine.

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