Changing Beauty(The Deadly Beauties Live On)

By: C.M. Owens

The Deadly Beauties Live On

Chapter 1


“This is what college is like, huh?” I muse, smiling over at Jenny as she takes a seat at the bar.

Dutifully, I join her just as she grins up at me and answers, “This is what part of college is like. You’re new, so I understand staying in and studying religiously, but college can be fun times, too. Everything in moderation, Ros.”

Rolling my eyes, I sit down at the bar. Being twenty and just starting college seems odd to most everyone, but life has a way of controlling you instead of allowing you to hold the reins.

“We’re not old enough to drink,” I remind her.

She grins devilishly while motioning toward the bartender. He doesn’t bother asking for ID when she leans over the bar much farther than necessary, exposing almost too much of her heavy cleavage.

Sheesh. Those things are lethal.

He slides us two shot glasses with amber liquid, and she blows him a kiss when he winks at her.

“See?” she asks, clinking her glass against mine. “Fun. Easy. Nothing to it. Just relax.”

Before I can respond, a chill runs up my spine, almost as though there’s warning something is coming. I turn to see the doors of the bar opening, but what draws my eyes to a frozen state is the same thing everyone else is looking at.

It’s as though the entire bar has forgotten how to breathe as they walk in. Gorgeous, seductive, confident… It’s as if they’re an entirely different breed of human.

They own the bar and everyone in it when they walk through with a predatory prowess that has me watching without guile. But one has my attention the most.

His dirty blonde hair is intentionally wild and sexy, and it looks tempting enough to run my fingers through. His broad shoulders lead to a sculpted chest that I can tell is there even through the dark blue T-shirt he’s wearing. The narrow waist is lean and toned, but much wider than mine.

He’s sex and muscle wrapped in flawless perfection, and I’m just one of the many moths in here who is drawn to him and the other flames around him.

“Oh damn. They’re hot as hell,” Jenny says on a dazed breath, clutching my arm as though she needs the support, as the five of them move through the bar, their eyes shifting around the crowded room as though they’re looking for someone. Then I see a girl with long, blonde hair standing at the far back, waving them over.

One of the dark-haired guys reaches her first, and he pulls her to him for a kiss that almost makes me moan. Damn.

“I’m officially jealous of her,” Jenny groans.

My eyes drift back over to the blonde-haired guy just as he looks back toward the bar and begins to move this way. My mouth dries, my heart almost stops, and my tongue gets stuck to the roof of my mouth when his honey-colored eyes meet mine.

I stare like a damn baby deer who just found a wolf’s gaze for the first time, and I watch helplessly as a slow smile spreads across his face. His eyes seem to come to life, and I have to blink to make sure I’m not seeing things.

He makes his way all the way to me, crowding my personal space as he towers over me and leans across the bar, brushing his body against mine without subtlety when he squeezes between me and the guy on my left. His elbows hit the bar, his tight stomach hits my legs that are crossed at the knee, and his side touches my front. The hard lines are pressed against me, promising me I’ve never felt anything as amazing.

So this is heaven. I always wondered if it existed.

“Need a round of shots. Tequila,” he says loudly to the bartender, and I feel the deep vibrations move down to my core.

The bartender nods toward him, and the mystery guy turns to face me, scandalously running his eyes down to my chest where a decent amount of cleavage is exposed—thanks to Jenny.

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