Chloe (Made Men Book 3)(64)

By: Sarah Brianne

His jaw tensed as he watched Kathryn round the building into an alley.

A bleeding alley, for Christ’s sake!

The end of the cigarette burned a bright red as he took a deep drag then chucked it into the slush. He slowly exhaled a long stream of smoke as he stared after her from under the brim of his hat.

He ought to follow her just to make sure she didn’t get herself killed.

He lifted his hat from his eyes and began to stalk after her, but then stopped himself short. He should not be the one to go after her. He might, just might, turn her over his knee and give her the spanking her father never would. The temptation would be too much for him to resist. Then he would tie her to his own carriage and drag her home. She would be ruined for sure, and Grey was not about to marry the chit. Kathryn would be ruined, and Grenville would kill him.

Even if he didn’t kill Grey, it would hardly be a surprise if Grenville personally flogged him in Hyde Park. Or he might decide to cripple Grey, instead.

He clamped his jaw shut and decided to find someone else to go after her. He hoped for her sake that whoever it was would find her before she got herself into too much trouble.

With a dark scowl, he turned to stalk back inside to the boxes. Somewhere in Huntly’s box was a Mr. Jermie Peckers who would soon be freezing his prick off, running after Grenville’s rebellious cactus. Alias: Lady Kathryn.

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