Complete (Incomplete)(101)

By: Lindy Zart

AR: Do you think she'll have the same musical talent her father has?

LL: It's possible. She coos along whenever Grayson sings.

AR: Why did you name her Olive?

LL: I got a tattoo on my lower back a few years ago. It's of a blossoming olive branch. It went from there.

GL: I finally got her off her no vegetable kick.

LL: Olives are technically a fruit.

GL: Always have to be right.

AR: Ah yes, sticking with the name/flower/tattoo bit. I understand. I hear you're a teacher, Grayson?

GL: Yes. Well, kind of. I give music lessons. I'm pretty popular among the toddlers.

AR: I heard. These days your fans generally run between the ages of five to fifteen, right?

GL: They are the best kind of fans. Completely devoted and they still think I'm cool even though the rest of the world knows I'm not.

LL: I think you're cool.

GL: I know you do, and I am grateful for that.

AR: Wisconsin life seems to be good. You have your own little piece of nirvana here in the country. And Lily, you work at the local nursing home?

LL: Yes. I check on the residents, talk to them, make sure they're being treated okay and have everything they want or need.

GL: She also gives them cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

AR: Well, if they're anything like the ten I just ate, I can understand the need for them.

LL: Chocolate makes people happy. I eat lots of it and I'm always happy.

GL: It doesn't have anything to do with living with the man of your dreams, does it?

LL: That helps, I suppose.

AR: Your baby looks ready to end the interview.

GL: She's melodramatic.

LL: Already has that superstar thing going. I also think she's hungry.

AR: As the general public, we must give in to the whims of the talent. Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you and eat your cookies. You all appear to be doing very well. One final question before I go: Do you think you'll ever give the music business a go again, Grayson?

GL: Have you heard of Eddie and the Platypires?

AR: I have. They're getting a surprisingly devoted cult following in the Indie music world.

GL: I'm their manager.

Well, you heard it directly from the source, although the answer was slightly cryptic. It appears Grayson has taken a backstage role to the performer he used to be, but he is clearly more comfortable with it than being in the public eye like he previously was. Shame, that—the public adored looking at him.

The time I spent with the Lee family was short, but will stay with me as one of my most treasured interviews. There was a sense of peace and contentment with them I did not notice when I spoke with Grayson years back. It seems he is where he needs to be, and from what I saw, he is finally complete, and I think a Lily and an Olive helped him get there.

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