By: Chantal Fernando

“What is this shit?” I ask as she starts singing along the instant the music turns on.

“It’s ‘One Dance’ by Drake,” she says, grinning. “Good, right?”

I shake my head. “Terrible.”

She rolls her eyes and puts it even louder.

I look out the window, my mind starting to wander. I haven’t been having the best time as of late, but I can’t exactly put my finger on why. The move to a new MC maybe? The Wind Dragons are amazing, and they’ve welcomed me with open arms, but why don’t I feel like I belong here? My old club, the Wild Men MC, turned out to be fucked-up. Between our bad history, Slice’s betrayal, and the pathetic men who are left over, I really don’t know why I stayed there so long. Probably because of Talon. He’s a good man, a good friend, and I trusted him and his belief in the club. I still trust him, of course, joining the Wind Dragons with him to be by his side. Is that the only reason I joined? I don’t even know anymore. I shake myself out of those thoughts. I need to focus on Elizabeth now, and everything else later.

“I’m going to break into the bar tonight and find the missing camera footage,” I tell her, watching in amusement as her head snaps to me, eyes wide.

“That’s your diabolical plan?” she asks, sounding incredulous.

“Well, the bartender is lying. So it’s either that or I go to his house and give him a different kind of interrogation.” An idea forms. “Can’t the cop do that for us? Take him in and demand answers? As a matter of fact, why haven’t they stormed in with a search warrant to find the footage?”

“They already did, apparently,” she says, tone dry. “He’s sticking to his story. He didn’t see anything unusual. As for the camera footage, they didn’t find anything. It might really have been turned off, which makes me wonder why. Either they knew something was going down, or their camera really was busted.”

“I’m thinking they knew something was happening.”

“Same,” Faye agrees, slamming her brakes at the light, making the car jerk.

I brace myself against the dashboard. This is definitely the last time I’ll be a passenger in the car with her, not to mention my long legs are cramped as hell.

“If they searched the bar and didn’t find anything, maybe the break-in isn’t necessary,” I think out loud. “But maybe we need to put our own cameras in and have the place under surveillance. They’re up to something, and I want to know exactly what it is.”

“We can get that done tonight,” Faye agrees, nodding. “Arrow and Tracker can handle it. They’re both good with that kind of stuff.”

“Why don’t you just ask the feds to sort it out?” I ask, wondering why she’d ask the MC for help instead of them.

She shrugs and simply says, “I like to use my own resources if need be. I like to show them that I don’t need them, they need me.”

“Of course you do,” I murmur, shaking my head and looking out the window.

Who knows why Faye does what she does? She seems to always have a plan though.

My mind wanders from Faye and her diabolical mind to someone else.

That woman.

I wonder if she’ll return to the bar again.


AFTER speaking to Elizabeth’s sister, neighbors, and friends, I head back to the clubhouse, wondering why terrible things happen to good people. She really was a saint, just a good soul, and it hurts my chest to think of what she could be suffering through right now, if she’s even still alive. I really hope she is.

When I walk into the kitchen, smelling something delicious, I open the oven to investigate. I have to hand it to the women here: there’s always food in the kitchen, something I’m not used to, and something I won’t be taking for granted any time soon. We didn’t have any women who cooked for us at the Wild Men clubhouse. We had women who came and partied, stayed the night, then left in the morning. We had nothing like the family vibe here. I don’t even know which of the women can cook, but the fuckin’ lasagna in the oven looks amazing. I close the oven and go to the fridge for a beer, then head outside where I can hear the others laughing. Talon, Sin, and Tracker are sitting there watching the sunset, so I pull up a chair and join them. Ever since Sin stepped down as president, I’ve noticed that he’s more relaxed. It’s Arrow we turn to now if anything goes wrong, and I guess that must be a weight off his shoulders.

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