DILF:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(10)

By: Alexis Angel

Amy Aspen, prior to stepping into the role of campaign advisor for Mayor Trask, has had a rather colorful career. She is the current owner of Kinky Amy's, an online peep show and sex club that stands at the forefront of the digital sexual revolution. An unabashed critic of the double standard by which women and men are judged when it comes to sexual matters, Ms. Aspen has often added a touch of editorial opinions to her videos and website.

Time will tell what exactly Ms. Aspen will bring to the campaign, but already there are rumors circulating that the Governor may not be pleased with the choice of the Mayor to employ his stepdaughter.

New Yorkers have not seen such family drama play out in the city in a long time. It was the administration of Michael Anders that brought about the scandal that led to the divorce of the mayor and his wife, and his subsequent dating and marriage to his campaign staffer Kenneth Gilford after he came out on the eve of the election as being gay.

Observers do not believe that something like that situation would repeat itself here for the simple fact that Mayor Trask is hiring his daughter in an official capacity.

"Look, it's one thing if she were his stepsister or just not even related to him, then yeah, something might happen between the two of them. But she works for him. I mean, there's no way a woman is going to find her boss attractive, right? If anything, the fact that he used to be her stepdad should be a deterrent," a City Hall observer commented on condition of anonymity due to the fact that he works often with the current administration.

Whatever developments arise, it's a foregone conclusion that this election will be unlike anything that New York State has seen in recent times. It will be dirtier and with a husband and wife facing off against each other and a stepdaughter in the middle of the mix, it may very well border on scandalous.

Stay tuned to the New York Daily Journal to stay abreast of every juicy detail!



"You're kidding, right?" Susan Duran asks, hands on her hips.

It's a busy morning. The staff is buzzing and phones are ringing. I can see people taking calls and answering emails just beyond the glass panes of my office windows.

Susan's my Chief of Staff, and it's clear from her body language and the fact that her eyes are shooting daggers at me, that she isn't fucking happy that I've decided to bring Amy onto this campaign.

"It'll be fine," I promise her, taking my hands out of my pockets and giving her a quick pat on her shoulder. "I think Amy brings something unique to the table."

Susan laughs. "Is that what you're calling it? Unique? That's definitely not a word I'd use. Look, all I'm asking is that you stop and think about this for a minute, Parker."

"I have," I reply, "and I think this is a good move."

"Even with your playboy reputation?" Susan asks, her eyes widening in further surprise.

And just then, as if on cue, Amy knocks on my office door and lets herself in.

"Hi, sorry I'm late," she smiles. "City cabs can be so unpredictable."

She's wearing a short black skirt and I can't take my eyes off her ass.

She extends her hand to Susan. "I'm Amy; it's nice to meet you."

I watch as Susan eyes her up and down, and as if she didn't hear the introduction, she turns to me, completely dismissing Amy's outstretched hand.

"Parker, about our council business meeting tomorrow," she says, turning her entire body away from Amy, "we're going to need you to discuss your thoughts on improving the city's open data policies and IT infrastructure."

Amy tries to chime in, undeterred at the snub. "Actually, I can give you a lot of information on—"

But Susan cuts her off, still refusing to look in her direction. It's as if she's refusing to believe she's even in the same room. "I'm sure that isn't something that Amy can help us with."

"You're talking about her as if she weren't standing here with us," I laugh. My eyes travel between both women. Amy is standing with her hands on her hips. It's clear she isn't going to back down from Susan's dismissal.

"I know what this is about," Amy says.

"You're out of your element here," Susan replies. "I'm sure you know plenty about … other things … but I doubt you know much of anything in this arena."

"Other things?" Amy says.

"Oh come on," Susan smiles. "It's no secret what you do."

"And what exactly is it that you think I do?" Amy asks Susan.

I decide to jump in before the catty banter between these two women escalates into something else. What exactly, I don't know. But I don't want to find out either.

"Now, now," I say, waving one hand through the air dismissively. "Let's give it a rest."

"A rest is the last thing we need," Susan chimes in. "We need speed, momentum, and a clear action plan … with the right team. The clock's ticking."

That little dig causes Amy to bristle.

"I'm exactly what this team—" she begins to say, but I wave my hand and cut her off.

"Both of you stop," I say. "I've already made my decision. Amy's on the team, and that's final. Now, let's all start acting like we're a team."

I look at them both, and they're silent, so I turn to Susan and continue, "I trust Amy's judgment. I really do. Shouldn't that be good enough?"

Susan doesn't respond, but I can tell she's taking in what I'm saying carefully. She can sense the sincerity on my face. And then I turn to Amy and address her as well. "Look, you're on probation for now. Like I just said, I trust you, but it's going to be important for you to prove yourself. You'll need to prove to me … and to this entire team that you're a good fit, and you can bring something to the table."

For a split second I think she's going to protest, or come back with a comment of her own, but she doesn't, and I'm relieved. Finally, they both seem to understand.

Now we can move on.

I reach into my pocket to pull out my cell phone and open my calendar. I figure we should solidify this week's meetings. Maybe talk about next steps. Who to meet and where. PR events to attend.

But before I can do any of that, the office door flies open and I can hardly believe who's standing in the doorway.

The devil herself.

Kate Meelios.

She gives me an icy glare and stalks across my office, straight toward me. Her eyes remind me why we divorced in the first place. She's dressed to kill; a pencil skirt and a tight, white blouse. She means business. I can't help but watch the way the sharp tips of her stilettos jab and sink into the carpet as she walks.

"I hope you're happy," she says to me as her eyes survey the room. They're cold and the color of ice. Her thin, red lips part into a serpentine smile. She looks at Amy and then at me, and shakes her head. "I hope you're happy for stealing my daughter away from me."

"Mom—" Amy starts to say, but Susan takes this as her cue to leave the room, and we all watch as she silently leaves, hardly daring to guess what's about to come next.

I can't remember the last time Kate's been in my office, and whatever the reason for her visit today, it can't be good.

If only it were that easy for me, I think to myself as I watch Susan exit the room.

"Kate, what a pleasant surprise," I say, with a sarcastic smile. Her entrance has been anything but pleasant. It's downright painful, like being squeezed by a snake.

"Cut the crap, Parker," Kate replies, and I swear she's about ready to bare her fangs. “You hired my own daughter to defeat me from becoming Senator?”

I don’t say anything. I don’t need to fucking say anything.

"You do realize what this means now, right?" Kate asks, and neither Amy, nor I dare to answer.

Kate just smiles and continues. "This means war."



And here we go—the gloves are off now.

My mother stares Parker down with such a fury that the air around her seems to be simmering. There’s a vein bulging in her temple, and her lips are a thin line of contempt. Her face is contorted into an expression of seething rage, and all of her beauty seems to have evaporated.

For a woman as beautiful as my mother is, she sure knows how to play the part of haggard evil witch.

“What the fuck are you really doing here, Kate?” Parker asks her, turning to face her. The surprise in his voice is telling; he wasn’t expecting her, not at all.

“I came to see if it was true… You turned my own daughter against me,” she whispers, balling her hands into fists. Jesus, she can act, which reminds me of how dangerous she really is. She’s like a coiled snake, hidden in the leaves but ready to strike and bury her fangs in the flesh of an unsuspecting victim.

“Don’t be insane,” Parker replies, folding his arms over his chest. “No one’s turning Amy against you.”

“How dare you lie to my face?” my mom shrieks, taking one step toward Parker as a hateful scowl takes over her face. I look from her to Parker, having no idea what I’m supposed to do here, and so I resign myself to a simple spectator.

Susan, meanwhile, made the sanest choice available and quietly sneaked out of the room, which now makes this a family reunion     of sorts.

Just wonderful.

“You’ve always hated me, Parker…” my mother continues, lowering her voice. “And now you’ve decided to run for the Senate just to spite me. And you brought my daughter into this as well… Don’t you have any limits?”

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