DILF:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(3)

By: Alexis Angel

Kinky Amy’s—does it ring a bell? It’s my new company slash club slash studio, and it’s on 43rd and 8th Avenue. And I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s all about sex. I mean, hell, the name’s Kinky Amy’s, not Prude Amy’s.

It’s basically a sex club with a specific department devoted to filming. I run what’s called an online peep show, and it’s blowing everyone else out of the water. Ethan Kane has once again offered to buy me out, but this time I decided against it. I love money, sure, but I need to keep busy. What the hell am I supposed to do all day if I’m not working?

Anyway, so that’s where I am right now, and this is my private office. The new huge cameras outside are my latest investment, and let me tell you: they were expensive. But I guess that if I want to keep on thriving in this business, I have to invest in top-of-the-line stuff, right? Always go for the best; that’s my motto in this business, and you can rest assured that I’m talking about more than just video cameras.

That’s why the shirtless model out there was as hot as a supernova. Square chin, washboard abs, and a delicious smile—you know, the works. That’s why I love my company. Where else would I have the chance to work in a place packed with scorching hot men? Yes, I love hot men and I’m not ashamed of it, not one bit. Why would I be? It’s not like I live in the 19th century, even though there are still some assholes that’d prefer women to wear chastity belts all the time. Thank you very much, but I’ll pass.

God, just thinking of hot men makes the gears inside my head start turning. And when that happens, I know exactly what I need.

Picking up my Kindle from one of the drawers, I prop my feet up on the desk and lean back against my chair. I power the Kindle up and launch Pierce Me, one hell of a steamy book by Simone Sowood. Oh, you haven’t read it yet?

It’s coming. She just sends it to me first because I’m just so awesome.

It’s surprising how fast I go through these books. As busy as I am, I should be reading one or two books per year… but I just can’t stop reading these dirty books. It’s like an addiction. The sweetest kind of addiction.

I pick up right where I left off, right before one steamy scene, and let my eyes wander over the words on the screen. Too bad perfect men only exist in Book Land; I wouldn’t mind having the power to just snap my fingers and make one of these men pop up into the real world.

And, God, why does Simone have to write so well? Seriously, two pages in one of these sexy scenes and my thong's already sticking to my skin. Okay, I need some action, and I need it right now.

I place my Kindle on the desk and jump up to my feet. I walk straight to the door and, opening it just a crack, I stick my neck out. “Justin!” I call out, and a few heads at the end of the room turn toward me. The production crew is having lunch on a makeshift table at the end of the studio and Justin, the model, is sitting with them.

“You need me?” he asks, jumping up to his feet. There’s an eager expression on his face, and I can’t help but smile at that. Justin has been eyeing me since his first day of work here, and today’s his lucky day.

“Yeah, I need you. Get in here,” I tell him, and then take a few steps back as I wait for him to walk across the studio. He swings the door open hesitantly, and then shuts it behind him.

“What is it?” he asks me, trying hard to avoid staring at my cleavage, but failing miserably.

“I’m bored,” I say with a coy smile, opening the top button on my blouse. His eyes widen and he smiles hesitantly, this time completely entranced by my breasts.

“I … I can help with that,” he tells me, taking one careful step toward me. God, would it hurt for him to be more assertive? Seriously, what’s wrong with men today? Even the handsome ones seem to walk on eggshells around me. Am I that intimidating?

“You sure can,” I whisper, reaching for him and hooking my fingers on his belt. I pull him into me, eager to get him out of his clothes and show him what a real woman can do.

He lays his hands on my hips, sliding one down to my ass and squeezing my cheeks, and then he leans into me. My eyelids droop as his mouth comes for mine, and I flatten the palm of my hand over his crotch, feeling his hard cock underneath his pants.

“AMY! Jesus Christ, have some decency!” I hear a woman’s voice cutting through the fog of my mind, and my pussy dries up in a fraction of a second. That woman’s voice, you know to whom it belongs? My mom, Katherine Meelios. Yeah, thanks Mom, I really needed for you to barge in here when I’m about to have some fun.

I pull back from Justin (who’s now looking from me to my mom with a scared expression on his face), and place my hands on my hips. “Haven’t you ever learned to knock? This is my office, you know?” I tell my mother, tapping my foot on the floor.

She’s standing by the doorway, her hand still on the door’s handle, and her lips are tightly pursed in a disapproving expression.

“You’re my daughter,” she simply says, walking inside my office and turning her attention toward Justin. “Out,” she tells him drily, and he just scurries away like a frightened mouse. Yeah, my mother has that effect on people.

“What the hell do you want?” I ask her, still pissed off that she had the audacity to storm inside my office like that. I mean, it’s my lunch break, and I was about to have some much needed fun. It should be illegal to ruin moments like these.

“I want you to turn on the TV,” she tells me, and her harsh tone of voice tells me that something’s coming.

And, whatever it is, it isn’t good.



The weather couldn't be any fucking nicer if it tried to suck my cock.

What the fuck. That makes no fucking sense at all.

I don’t even know why I said that. Am I really that nervous about this shit?

It’s like sometimes I don’t have control over what I say, ya know? Like some giant hand is writing this shit out somewhere and I have no control over what I say and do.

That’s not what today is all about though.

The sun's out, there's a gentle breeze, and it's a clear, bright day. The sky is a perfect shade of blue. Traffic seems to almost float by. Even the pigeons look fucking happy, gliding, and pecking, and cooing, and the trees look greener than normal.


Everything's going as planned.

I have total control here.

Carpe diem. I'm seizing the fucking day.

I look over at the podium placed in front of City Hall. The building stands tall and stoic.

The stage is set. In a few minutes, I'm going to stand in front of that podium, speak into the microphone, and unveil a secret to the citizens of New York City: I'm running for the U.S. Senate.

I straighten my yellow tie (the color of power, I've been told) and smooth the lapels of my suit jacket. Here's my chance.

I walk over to the podium, and watch as a crowd gathers.

Men, women, and entire families—I even see babies sucking on their toes in strollers. Even kids skipping school to play witness to this moment.

I clear my throat. "Thank you all for gathering here today," I start, and already I hear a smattering of claps, and whistles.

"We love you Parker!" one woman yells out, and I wave to the anonymous woman in the crowd, smiling.

"I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that I've been in the tabloids quite a bit as of late."

I hear more shouts from the crowd. "You can say that again!" another woman yells. I hear some laughs.

And I continue, "But I just want to make one thing clear. I don't give a fuck about what the media thinks about me. None. They can all say what they want. But we all know that I get results for this city! I put my money where my mouth is."

I hear clapping erupt across the crowd. "You tell 'em Parker!"

I continue, "The only people I care about are you—the hardworking citizens of New York City. And I think that's been apparent in my work as your Mayor."

I look out at the sea of smiling faces, and the clapping. I look at the serious nods of approval.

"What once was a city of crime, is now a place that," and I pause, holding the gaze of various women in the audience, "women can walk safely down the street at night. Safety is not a privilege, it's a right, and I'm proud to say that I've lowered crime across this city that we call home."

More cheers and claps emerge from the crowd.

"But let's not stop there," I smile, holding a dramatic pause. "I've brought back jobs to this magnificent city—including new construction. Not only have I brought new jobs, but a new infrastructure for us as well."

The crowd is growing increasingly loud, shouting their approval, and I'm on a fucking roll.

"I'm happy to say that unemployment is at an all-time low. And that's just the beginning!"

"You tell 'em Parker!" a man shouts again, and he's backed by increasingly more cheers.

I continue, "For all of our families—historically, the cost of housing has been especially tough. But I say, enough is enough! Families are our future, and it's been my mission to lower that cost—and I'm happy to say that's happened."

"Ain't that the truth!" comes another shout from the crowd, and there's another round of clapping.

I hold my hand up to quiet the crowd, and continue, "I've also cleaned up this beautiful city. As many of you have probably seen, I've added parks, play structures, and recreational courts, and because children are our future, and I believe that they should be given every opportunity possible to succeed, I've added a number of new after school programs."

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