DILF:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(8)

By: Alexis Angel

“Yes,” I tell him, smiling back at him while I rest my hands on his shoulders and push his ruined shirt down his arms. My heart thumps faster as I see the cords of chiseled muscles that go down from his shoulders to his forearms, and my knees grow weak, which isn’t a problem because what I want to do now doesn’t require me to be standing up.

I lower my body, my fingers trailing down from his shoulders to his abs, and kneel right in front of him. “Now let’s see if you’re as delicious as me,” I tell him, looking up and into his eyes. My fingers go down to the line between his pants and his skin, and I start working on his belt, unbuckling it.

My movements are slow but deliberate and, as I pull his belt out from its loops, I know that my patience is paying off. His whole body is tensing up, and his cock is straining harder against his pants, tenting them up even more eagerly than before. I’ve felt it with my fingers, but now I think it’s time to see with my own eyes what he’s hiding between his legs.

I undo the top button on his pants and then, holding my breath, I pull his zipper down. His cock pushes back against his boxer briefs, and my heart skips a beat as I lay eyes on its perfect outline. I’ve never seen anything quite like it; it’s simply too big.

Still holding my breath, I use the tip of my fingers to trace the outline of his cock, a pleasant warmness spreading from my fingertips to the rest of my body as I feel his shaft pulsing against me. Well, here I go.

Moving as fast as I can, I hook my two thumbs on his boxer briefs and, exhaling sharply, I push them down his legs violently. Both his pants and boxers fly down to his ankles, and his cock springs free so fast that it slaps me across the face, the touch of skin on skin almost enough to make me come.

I pull back and, just kneeling there, I let my eyes roam over his massive shaft. He has to be at least twelve inches long, which makes it the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I reach for it, hesitating as I wonder about what I’m going to do with it; he’s big enough to make me doubt my own prowess. I mean, just think of the mechanics involved; is he even going to fit inside of me?

Well, I guess I have to find out, don’t I?

“Like what you see?” Parker asks me, kicking off his shoes one at a time and stepping out of his pants.

“I do,” I reply, taking a deep breath to steady my fingers and finally curling them around his thick shaft. I tremble slightly as I feel his thickness against the palm of my hand, and I breathe out loudly as I move my hand for the first time, moving it all the way to the base of his cock. Now grabbing him with both my hands, I start a pendulum motion, going up and down his length at a growing pace.

I work my way into a furious rhythm and I finally start leaning in; I stop stroking him and tilt my head sideways, reaching for his shaft with the tip of my wet tongue. My skin prickles as I feel the tip of his cock, and then I run my tongue all the way down to its root. I repeat this motion over and over again, teasing him, and only stop when he rests both his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair.

“Let’s see how delicious you really are, then,” I whisper, wrapping my lips around the tip of his cock. I have to make one mighty effort in order to do it, my jaw burning as I force my mouth open as wide as I can. Still, I push through, rolling my lips down the glorious length of his cock; I close my eyes as I feel its tip pressed against the back of my throat, and then I make one final effort, only stopping when I feel my lips brushing over the skin at the root of his cock.

I use one hand to caress his balls, rolling them over my outstretched fingers and feeling their weight. I can only imagine how much cum balls as big as these can produce; they’re so big they look like tennis balls.

“That’s it,” Parker groans, his fingers pressing down on my scalp and urging me to move. Obeying happily, I grab his cock with one hand, keeping it in place, and start bobbing my head back and forth. My lips roll over his shaft furiously, a wet sound filling the whole room as I go.

“Like it?” I ask him, popping his cock out of my mouth so that I can take a deep breath. I keep on stroking him, though, and I don’t even wait for his response; the moment clean air rushes into my lungs, I dive into his cock once more.

“I fucking love it,” he groans, throwing his head back and surrendering to the tightness of my mouth. I keep on sucking and licking until the muscles in my neck start cramping up, and that’s when I slow down. I take his cock out of my mouth once more, but keep my tongue dancing in steady circles around its tip. Running it down the length of his shaft, this time I go all the way down, wrapping my lips around one of his balls and sucking it into my mouth.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I hear him say as I go from one ball to the other, lapping at them with my tongue.

“You know what else feels good?” I ask him, looking up into his eyes with a wicked grin. At the same time, I run one hand down my stomach and press my fingers right between my thighs. His eyes dart there, and I can see him mentally ripping the clothes off of my body.

“I can imagine,” he replies, grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me up to my feet harshly. “If your pussy is as tight as your mouth, I can’t fucking wait,” he continues, pinning both my arms against the wall while he presses his naked body against me. I swallow hard as I feel his hard cock brushing against my inner thigh over the fabric of my dress, and this time I’m the one mentally allowing him to rip the clothes off of my body.

Still holding me by the wrists, he leans into me and crushes his mouth against mine, parting my lips with his tongue. Our tongues dance around one another in a frenzy, and I notice him peeling his fingers off my wrists at the same time; his hands dart to my shoulders, and then his fingers trail down the side of my body.

With a growl, he digs his fingers into my hips and forces me to turn on my heels. I place my hands against the wall at shoulder-height, and I bite down on my lower lip as I feel him grabbing the zipper between my shoulder blades. He pulls it down slowly, baring my back, and it almost feels like flames are engulfing my beating heart when I feel his knuckles brushing over the dimples on my lower back.

I breathe out and close my eyes as he presses his mouth to my neck, kissing my skin as he pulls my dress down, bunching it around my waist. His fingers move back up to between my shoulder blades and, with a deft flick, he simply unhooks my bra. I feel the cups drooping over my breasts, and my nipples become so hard they almost hurt.

There are no straps on my bra, and so all Parker has to do is tug on them gently for the cups to slide off my breasts and then float easily to the floor, falling at my feet. I press my forehead against the wall as he reaches for me, cupping both my tits and squeezing, and I react without thinking; I thrust my ass back violently, eager to feel his hard cock against my body.

His shaft fits right between my ass cheeks and, even though there’s still fabric between both our bodies, I can’t help but moan as if he’s already inside of me. I sway my hips in a flowing motion, grinding against him and stroking him with my ass cheeks, and he responds by pinching both my nipples at the same time. I feel a sharp stab of pain on my rosy tips, and that pain shoots straight up into my brain, except by the time it gets there, it has already turned into honeyed pleasure.

“I want you… I want you so bad,” I find myself saying, the words flying out of my mouth before my brain has even had the time to process them. All I know is that I need him inside of me in an almost desperate way, every single inch of my body screaming for his touch.

“I’m right here,” he whispers, taking his hands off of my breasts and burying his fingers in my hips. He rocks his hips against me, grinding against my ass for a few seconds, and then suddenly takes one step back. He tugs on my dress harshly, yanking it, and I feel the fabric kissing my legs as it slides down to my ankles.

I feel his eyes roaming over my body, and then he’s on me again, his cock nestled between my ass cheeks. With a growl, he hooks his fingers on the string that laces my outer thigh and pulls on it; there’s a ripping sound, and then the fabric of my thong slides off me, the cool air of the room caressing my naked pussy.

His hand goes around my waist, and then drops down until he has two fingers pressed on my clit. I gasp as I feel the pressure, electricity building up inside every single nerve ending in my body.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he whispers, pressing his cock hard against my ass.

“Do it, daddy,” I tell him, my voice heavy with anticipation. He pulls back, and I feel the tip of his cock trailing down my ass crack as he grabs it with one hand and angles it down. I go on tiptoes as I feel his cock brushing against my drenched folds and, just like that, he thrusts. I gasp as I mentally prepare to have him go all the way inside of me, but he stops after feeding just one inch into my pussy.

“Fuck me… hard…” I breathe out, my insides burning as I feel my pussy lips choking the thickness of his shaft. Even though my back is turned to him, I can almost feel the grin on his lips as he thrusts, this time burying his cock to the hilt inside my pussy.

I grit my teeth as I feel my inner walls stretching to accommodate the massiveness of his shaft, my brain working overtime to process all the mind-bending sensations flooding it. And that’s when Parker starts to rock his hips, sliding his cock in and out of me at a steady pace. His thighs slap my ass cheeks over and over again, the sound of flesh on flesh lulling me into a lust-crazed trance.

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