DILF:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(9)

By: Alexis Angel

“So… fucking… tight,” he groans between thrusts, his hands on my waist as he holds me in place. As his thrusts become harsher, I feel all strength leaving my body, my elbows trembling each time he drives his long inches all the way inside of me. I press my forearms against the wall for better support and, gritting my teeth, I tap into some hidden reserve of energy and start thrusting back against him, my ass cheeks smacking his thighs at a furious pace.

“Harder, daddy,” I pant, his thumbs curling over the dimples on my lower back as he holds me. He doesn’t reply; instead, he just does what I asked of him, moving his body with a kind of coiled violence, his cock punishing my pussy with the relentlessness of a piston.

Taking one hand of his around my waist again, his two fingers find their way to my clit once more and he starts working on it with the same fury with which he’s fucking me. The moment I feel the sweet pressure on my clit, I realize I’m just a few heartbeats away from coming again. My pussy’s tightening around his cock, and my spine feels like a live wire, electricity running up and down its length and driving me completely insane.

“I think I’m --” I start to say, but the words crumble as a wild scream takes their place. My throat burns as I scream, the sound of my high-pitched voice stabbing at my eardrums; my muscles are twitching, and even my brain seems on the verge of shutting down.

The whole world fades away as waves of pleasure crash against me; pleasure echoing inside my body and making my bones rattle. Right now, I’ve forgotten all about the fact that Parker is my stepfather, and that what we’re doing is completely wrong, right now, none of that matters. What matters is that my brain is drowning in an ocean of ecstasy, all of my thoughts like murderous hands, choking my conscious mind.

“So good,” I whisper, my forehead pressed against the wall as I try to take a deep breath, both my brain and body still reeling from the mind-bending orgasm.

“And we’re just getting started,” Parker whispers back, sliding his cock out of me. I tremble as I feel his long inches working their way out of my pussy, and my heart grows heavy as that familiar emptiness takes over my pussy. Now that I’ve had him inside of me, it’s like I’ve discovered a secret world behind a curtain, and I can’t go back to being my regular old self after finding out about it. I’m just like Alice in Wonderland, except this new world is called Cockland, and it’s as good as its name promises.

I turn on my heels to face him, flattening my back against the wall, and let a smile take over my lips. I run both my hands through my hair, pushing it back over my shoulders, and then reach for Parker’s cock with one hand.

“Why are we stopping? Don’t tell me you’re tired,” I tease him, offering him a devious grin. He responds by pressing his body against mine once more, both his hands going around my waist and settling over my ass cheeks; he squeezes them harshly, my flesh molding to his touch, and then pulls me up and onto him. I react by instinct, jumping up and lacing my legs around his waist.

“Let’s see if you can take it then,” he says, grabbing his cock with one hand and angling it down, nestling its tip right between my pussy lips.

“I can take it, how about you?” I ask him, but my last words are an undecipherable mess; he thrusts mid-sentence, his shaft straining against my inner walls on the way in and overloading my brain with vicious pleasure.

“Ah, fuck,” I moan, placing my arms over his shoulders as I throw my head back once more. This time, he doesn’t waste his time by building a rhythm; he starts thrusting as hard as he can right away, pounding me with a kind of savage fury that incinerates any kind of rational thought still floating inside my head.

The coming and going motion of his cock anchors me into the present moment and, for an instant, I feel enlightened. There are no thoughts of the future or of the past, and there’s no dwelling on what I’m doing (or not doing); I’m just existing, and drifting away in the river of the present moment. This is what sex is all about.

More than ripped bodies and huge cocks, this is what I really crave. An experience so intense that it just pushes me through my boundaries. And that’s what’s happening right now; fucking Parker is an experience that borders on the religious.

“Don’t stop now,” I say, the words slipping out subconsciously. I feel on the verge of coming again and—oh, God! OH GOD! I grit my teeth so hard they might shatter into a thousand splinters, and I let an avalanche of pleasure overtake me.

My pussy tightens up around Parker’s cock like a vice, and my heart beats so fast it feels like it’s about to jump out of my chest. Endorphins rush through my veins like a drug, soaking my brain with ecstasy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt pleasure like this. It’s simply too good.

I feel beads of sweat dripping down my forehead, my body burning from the effort. “This… is amazing,” I breathe out, untangling my legs and placing my feet back on the floor as Parker pulls his cock out. I fall back, collapsing against the wall, and my body slides down until I’m sitting on the floor.

“Amazing…” I repeat, my muscles still twitching fast as ecstasy takes over my soul. I open my eyes, looking up at Parker, as he stands tall, towering over me. The shadow of his cock falls over me like a bad omen, and I find myself grinning and going to my knees.

“Give me all you've got,” I whisper, curling my fingers around his cock and stroking him fast right from the beginning. My hands fly up and down the length of his shaft and, even though the muscles in my arm seem about to give up on me, I push through. I won’t stop; I’m going all the way now.

“Fuck,” he groans, his eyes closed and an expression of pure delight taking over his face. He’s breathing hard, his chest falling and rising in a hurry, and I know it won’t take long for him to reach his climax.

“Do it, daddy,” I whisper, his cock throbbing hard against my fingers the moment the word daddy tumbles out from between my lips. “I want your cum, daddy,” I continue, urging him to surrender to me, and that’s exactly what happens.

His cock spasms fast in my hand, as if a high voltage current is running through his muscles, and I lean into him as fast as I can. I wrap my lips around the tip of his cock as he starts gushing, warm semen coating my tongue and flooding my mouth.

I keep him in my mouth as he cums, but he does it for so long that he fills my mouth to the brim, strands of semen dripping down my chin and onto my neck. I pull back and, looking him in the eye, open my mouth to show him the mess he made inside of me. With a mischievous grin, I swallow his entire load as he keeps coming, a thick strand of his juices hitting me across the face.

I go back to stroke him, hell bent on getting his entire load on me; by the time his cock gives its dying spasms against my fingers, I’m glistening from the waist up. Beads of warm cum make their way up and down the curve of my breasts, caressing my hard nipples on their way toward my stomach, and I just sigh heavily as I finally let go of his cock.

“Look at the mess you’ve made of me, daddy,” I tease him, grabbing both my breasts and squeezing them lightly. My skin prickles as the palms of my hands brush against my nipples, and then I just flatten both my hands and start smearing Parker’s fluids all over my naked chest, never taking my eyes off of his.

“That’s my kind of mess,” he whispers, going down on one knee and taking two fingers to my chin, forcing me to raise my head. He looks straight into my eyes, almost as if he’s looking into my soul, and then leans into me. My eyelids droop as he closes the distance between us, and our lips touch softly.

“Not so innocent now, are you?” he asks me, pulling back from my kiss and offering me an amused grin. I bite down on my lower lip, seeing his lips glistening from his own cum, and then smile back at him.

“No, definitely not,” I tell him, grabbing both my breasts again and feeling them slippery under my touch. “You kept your promise.”

“I always keep my promises,” he replies, and my brain gets to work trying to think of ways to make him promise me so much more.

I know, I know… he’s my stepfather and this is wrong. Taboo, forbidden, indecent—whatever you want to call it. But, in the end, who cares? I’m a grown woman, capable of making my own decisions; and if what I want is for a man as gorgeous as my stepfather to fuck me, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Screw society’s prejudice. The way I see it, we’d all be a lot happier if we fucked more and judged less.

It works for me.


New York Daily Journal

A Father-Daughter Dynamic Duo

All the politics, scandals, and dirt...just the way you like it!

The race for the open Senate seat for the sate of New York took a complicated turn today as the Mayor's office announced that the Mayor's stepdaughter through marriage, Amy Aspen, would be joining the campaign for the open Senate seat.

What makes the situation stranger and more unique than prior elections is that the opponent who is facing off against Hizzoner is none other than his ex-wife, Governor Kate Meelios.

Sources close to the Governor have been quiet as to any comment regarding the fact that the daughter of the Governor is working for her ex-husband. In a similar fashion, sources from City Hall have yet to comment themselves on the new arrangement.

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