Daddy's Here(89)

By: Lucy Wild

She could hear him moaning behind her and the sound helped push her over the edge, a climax taking control of her body as he remained deep within her.

She had no words. Her mouth fell open but all that left her was one groan after another as her limbs shook and her core contracted around his member. Only when it had faded away did she remember where she was and unable to resist, she looked back at him.

At once he spanked her, making her yelp. “Eyes forward,” he snarled, speeding up his motions within her.

“Yes papa,” she replied, feeling him twitch within her. His breathing grew heavier and he gripped her tightly in place, the contents of the desk shaking and rolling around as he groaned and shoved himself all the way into her.

“I’m going to come,” he gasped. “You’re making me come.”

Laura beamed happily as he said those words. At the same moment his member spasmed within her and she felt a hot wetness shoot from the end of it, filling her insides whilst he thrust one final time into her. His member continued to shake as she gripped him in place, drawing as much from him as she could.

At last he slid from her and then she heard rustling once more. “You may stand up,” he said a minute later.

She turned round to find him standing as if nothing had happened. Only the redness of his cheeks betrayed him. That and the feel of his seed deep within her, making her fall more in love with him than ever.

“Back to lessons,” he said, moving to walk past her.

She caught his arm as he went and he glared at her. “You would grab your papa?”

“I would,” she replied, reaching up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “And I hope you will punish me for it tonight.”

Chapter 18

The wedding was attended by the cream of high society. Laura stood at the altar with Edward opposite her. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back.

Glancing behind him, Edward looked around the church. Lord Rothsfield was on the front row. Beside him Maria was sucking her thumb, a doll in her lap. Behind the family sat the littles, all of them rigidly upright as they had been taught to sit. He felt his heart bursting with pride.

Having never expected to love again, Edward could hardly believe where he was. Opposite him stood the perfect little and the perfect partner.

In the six weeks since Laura had graduated as a little, she had thrown herself into decorations for the wedding, taking guidance from Mrs Flanders. Lord Rothsfield had barely been able to recognise his daughter when she came home. “I must thank you for your efforts,” he said, shaking Edward’s hand. “I would not know it was my daughter.”

“How is Maria?” Edward had asked in response.

“A different woman also. I do not know what you do up there but these two are getting on perfectly. There has not been a single raised voice and I was mightily afraid that would not be the case.”

“Good to hear.”

“You are a wonderful man Mr Westall. You do great work.”

“I charge a great amount so I suppose that is to be expected.”

The two of them had laughed and the laughter had continued ever since. Each time he visited his fiancée, he found her happy and when the wedding day came, he was glad for he had been impatient for it to arrive for some time.

After the wedding, he carried Laura into the carriage, Maria climbing in to serve as her lady in waiting during the honeymoon. That evening they were on a steamer heading for the continent and Edward looked at his new wife as she bent over his bed, her posterior ready for his hand. “I have been bad,” she said. “So bad, papa.”

“Have you?” he replied, undoing his trousers as he approached her. “Then as your papa, I must ensure you must receive a little punishment.”

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