Devour Me, Baby(10)

By: Fiona Davenport

After thoroughly ravishing her mouth, I pulled back and admired her glazed eyes, swollen lips, and pink cheeks. I nearly gave in to my urge to slam the door shut and take her up against it, but managed to check the impulse. I definitely filed it away on my growing list of ways I wanted to fuck her.

With a reluctant grunt, I put one hand on her belly and gently pushed her back into the hall. “Hungry?” I asked.

She nodded silently, still seeming dazed, which made me grin and wink at her. With a hand at her back, just above the curve of her round ass, I guided her out to the dining room.

When I hired Sienna, I’d embellished her duties a little but the truth was, I did need an assistant. Over our meal, we talked a little about the projects I wanted her help with. I was pleasantly surprised at her enthusiasm, and it stirred warm feelings in my chest. My belief that she was the one, that she was made for me, kept growing as I got to know her.

With full bellies, we returned to my office and got lost in work for a few hours. She was incredibly intelligent, and after the short time we’d been working, she’d already made some helpful suggestions for our marketing plan.

Eventually, James stuck his head in, startling me. I glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that it was after seven.

“You guys want some dinner?” he asked.

I shook my head then stood and stretched. “We’re heading out. I’ll make Sienna dinner at my place. Call me if you need anything”—I gave him a meaningful stare—“but the restaurant better be on fire if you’re going to disturb us.”

Sienna ducked her head, but not before I spied a dusting of pink on her cheeks.

James’ eyes were also on her and he stifled a laugh, clearing his throat to cover it. “Okay, I’ll see you both tomorrow. Enjoy your night.”

Once he was gone, Sienna unfolded out of her chair and faced me with her hands on her hips. “Do you have to advertise that I’ve moved in with you? People will think that this isn’t a professional relationship and that I’ll sleep with anyone to get ahead.”

I felt my expression darken and I wrapped my fingers around her arms, dragging her up against me. “First, this is so much more than a professional relationship, baby. And, no matter what your mouth is saying, your body already knows you’re mine. The fire in your eyes”—I let go of one arm to run a finger down her cheek—“your hard nipples pressing into my chest”—putting my hand at the center of her back, I molded our chests together—“and I’ll bet everything I own that you are drenched right now.” Her brown eyes were almost black, her lips puckered in a cute little O, and she was trembling slightly.

My hand slipped down and around to her front, into the waistband of her pants. When I encountered smooth, naked flesh, I closed my eyes and groaned. I dipped one finger into her slit and felt it immediately soaked in her arousal. She gasped and I took advantage of her state, crashing my mouth down over hers.

I had only meant to prove a point, but I was easily caught up in how she responded to me. Slowly at first, I started moving my finger in and out. Adding a second finger, I sped up, listening to her breathing grow rapid and shallow. She squirmed, her hips picking up my rhythm, a moan falling from her lips. She was close.

A noise in the hall reminded me where we were and that my office door was wide open. I would kill anyone who saw my girl coming, so I doubled my efforts and a few seconds later I swallowed her cries as she fell apart in my arms.

She went limp in my arms and I picked her up, sat in the chair she’d just vacated, and cradled her in my lap. Her breathing returned to somewhat normal and her eyes, which had been tightly closed, fluttered open.

I put my mouth next to her ear. “Second, I promise there will be no question in anyone else’s mind who you belong to and the only bed you’ll ever sleep in is mine.”

She shivered and I placed a kiss on the shell of her ear, then one on the top of her head. “Let’s go home, baby. We’ll make dinner together.”

“I swear, Owen. You do not want me anywhere near a kitchen,” she muttered.

I laughed and brushed my lips over her head again. “I’ll teach you to cook.”

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