Devour Me, Baby(2)

By: Fiona Davenport

I was over the moon for them, but it brought my solo situation into glaring perspective. However, meeting the right kind of girl in Hollywood was a bit like finding the one clam with the pearl.

Then I’d met Hilary. She was a friend of a friend who had finally worn me down until I agreed to be set up. She was beautiful, tall and willowy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy figure. The problem was, there was no chemistry. Still, we got along and she seemed to want the same things I did. Home, family, stability. So, I kept seeing her in hopes that something would develop and bring the chemistry along with it.

I’d just about convinced myself that I could live without that part (although, I’d never been able to bring myself to sleep with her) and I told her about my plans to cancel my show and return to Atlanta permanently. I was going to ask her to come with me but to my shock, she flew off the fucking handle. She seemed to think a life with me guaranteed fame and fortune, and she was pissed as hell that I was willing to walk away from it.

The sad part was that I felt almost nothing when we split. I wasn’t angry or hurt, I was…relieved. I’d almost made a stupid choice that could have ruined everything. I wanted to be with someone who made my blood boil and my heart burst. I wanted…


I came to an abrupt halt the moment I stepped into my office, stunned by the woman sitting in front of my desk.

“Sienna, this is Owen, the owner of Saphyre,” James introduced me as he rounded my large, oak desk to take a seat. She wasn’t exactly small, more like dainty, with a delicate bone structure. Her chocolate hair looked like a waterfall of silk, hanging midway down her back. Her profile showed long eyelashes, a cute upturned nose, and full, plump lips. Then she turned her head and I was again struck, frozen in place as her dark brown eyes met mine. A shock zinged through my body, waking up certain parts of me that had been hibernating as of late. My heart felt like it was on the verge of exploding right out of my chest. And one word pinged around in my head like a pinball. Mine.

“Let’s get started,” James stated, picking up a piece of paper from the desk and perusing it. I sprang into action, walking over to him and snatching it from his hand.

“I’ll take it from here, James. Why don’t you go check on today’s menu with Andy?” My eyes never left Sienna’s as I spoke, I couldn’t seem to look away.

“You’re going to interview her?” James sputtered. I could understand his confusion. I usually hated hiring front of the house staff and left it up to James. There wasn’t time to explain it to him. I needed to be alone with this woman. My woman.

“Yes,” I growled. “Now, get out.” I grabbed his elbow and lifted him from my grey, leather, swivel chair and shoved him towards the door. I waited until I heard the click of the it shutting before dropping into my seat and giving Sienna my most scorching, panty-melting smile.




Yup. I almost said that aloud, and I couldn’t even blame myself if I’d actually done it. The guy standing in front of me was more than hot enough to warrant such a reaction, even during an interview. The dark jeans and midnight blue Henley he was wearing did all sorts of good things for his long and lean body. Prompting all kinds of really good things in my nether regions. His sandy blond hair looked like it was a month or two overdue for a cut, but the length worked for him. It was tousled as though he’d been running his fingers through it—which only made me want to do the same. And his sparkling green eyes... sigh.

As impossible as it seemed, Owen Walker was even more attractive in person than he was on television. I never watched cooking shows, except for his. I was hopeless in the kitchen, but it wasn’t like I watched him for the food. Although it looked amazing, too, which was a big part of why I’d chosen to apply for the waitressing job at Saphyre. The delicious food brought in a lot of customers, and they were willing to pay a lot to eat there.

From what I’d heard, those customers also tipped well. Very well. Better than Parisi’s, where I’d been working for the last year while I attended Georgia State University. Doing a double major in Biology and Chemistry, while still graduating in four years, meant I was stretching myself thin. I’d been making ends meet, but that was about it. This job would mean I’d be able to work a few less hours and even have some extra spending money. Only I hadn’t expected to meet the famous chef who owned Saphyre, let alone to find myself staring at him after he’d kicked the manager I’d been expecting to interview with out of his office. And if I managed to land the job, I never imagined he’d aim a sexy grin at me the way he was. But there he was; standing in front of me with a glint in his eyes and his lips tilted up, flashing me his pearly whites. It was enough to melt my panties right off my body.

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