Devour Me, Baby(4)

By: Fiona Davenport

Wait. Maybe that was it. I lifted my gaze and swiveled my head, scanning the room and looking for cameras. “Are you doing some new kind of show? Is that why you’re interviewing me instead of James.” He scowled at me, and I hurried to explain. “Like a mixture between Punk’d and Undercover Boss?”

He set my resume down, rose from his chair, and prowled around his desk until he was standing in front of me. There wasn’t a ton of room for him there because of where my chair was placed, so he was close enough that I swore I could feel the body heat coming off of him. I caught a whiff of his delicious scent, sandalwood and leather with a spicy undertone, and felt light-headed. He leaned down and put a hand on each armrest, caging me in.

“No, Sienna. You aren’t part of a new television show. Nor will you be a part of an old one since I’m done with my cooking show. The reason I’m interviewing you instead of James is because I have another position in mind for you.”

All kinds of dirty thoughts slammed into my head, and I struggled to stop myself from squirming in my seat. His green eyes filled with heat, and his nostrils flared. A deep blush filled my cheeks as I wondered if he could smell the dampness from my panties, and I pressed my legs together. He gave me a knowing grin, and his voice was raspy as he continued, “I’m making some big changes in my life, and I think you’re the perfect person to be at my side during them.”



“Um…” Sienna’s brow furrowed adorably. “Are we still talking about a job?”

My grin widened as I thought about my answer. Honesty wasn’t always the best policy, and I figured if I told her she was now mine and I would be getting her in my bed and knocked up as soon as possible, it might send her running. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the chase, but I wanted to skip that part and go right to the good stuff that came when I caught her. Masking my intentions with a “job” seemed like my best bet.

“Of course. I have an opening that I think would be a much better fit than waitressing.” I stood up and stepped back, fighting every instinct I had to kiss away the wrinkles on her forehead. She was so fucking gorgeous it made my head spin. Even more than that though, her eyes showed an intelligence and wit that I’d seen glimpses of in our short time together.

“Well, you don’t want me cooking, believe me,” she stated with a smirk, and my head flew back in laughter.

“Noted,” I chuckled. “No, I’m in need of a personal assistant. Someone who will be with me and help me with the day to day. The pay is exponentially higher.” She leaned back in the chair, a contemplative expression on her face. When she crossed one slender leg over the other, causing her skirt to inch up, I blurted out, “It’s a full-time position and since you’ll need to be constantly available, room and board is included. You’ll live with me.”

“Oh.” Her perfect lips formed a cute little O and pink bloomed on her cheeks. “That’s not necessary, I have a place and—”

“It’s non-negotiable, Sienna.” My tone was hard, and her eyes narrowed.

“I’m not sure this is the right job for me, Mr. Walker. I waitress because I’m in school all day and it works with my schedule. So, if you aren’t interested in hiring me on to your wait staff—”

“I’ll work with your school schedule, baby,” I interrupted her, adopting a soothing tone. “But, the rest of your time will be taken up by me. And, my name is Owen, not Mr. Walker.” I quoted an absurd salary too, and her chocolate eyes practically bugged out before turning suspicious. I might have gone a little overboard with that number, but I was determined to make sure there was no way she would turn me down because I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

She opened her mouth to say something else—to argue, most likely—so I bent and took hold of her hands, pulling her quickly to her feet. “Let me show you around and introduce you to everyone.” Unable to resist, I ran my finger down her soft cheek and smirked when her eyes glazed for a moment. I loved that she was obviously as affected by me as I was by her.

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