Devour Me, Baby(5)

By: Fiona Davenport

Sienna sputtered for moment, but didn’t resist when I took her hand and guided her to the door of my office. I pulled it open and stepped out, keeping her hand firmly grasped in mine. “If I were to agree to this ridiculous offer”—I raised an eyebrow at her description, and she mirrored my expression making me want to laugh—“If I did, what would my responsibilities include, exactly?”

It took all of my will power not to sweep my eyes over her delectable little body before answering. “You’ll be assisting me on the business side of things.” I kept the explanation vague and changed the subject as we continued down the hallway. “What are you studying, baby?”

“I’m working on dual majors in Biology and Chemistry.” She cocked her head and her eyes narrowed, studying me. “I always wanted to be a mad scientist. Working for you might get me closer to my goal.”

I laughed at her retort and the smile that slid over my face was full of pride as I stepped into the kitchen with my woman in tow. I’d known she was smart after just a few seconds of being with her. But, Sienna was more than that, she was fucking perfect.

“Owen! Get this lunatic out of my kitchen!” Andy screeched, jumping out of James’ embrace the moment we entered the room. Her face was bright red, matching the flaming braids hanging over her shoulders from under her chef’s hat. The blush accentuated her freckles even more and made her look like she was a teenager rather than a woman in her late twenties.

James grinned wickedly and reached for her again but she tossed a spatula at him and he retreated, laughing heartily when it bounced off his forehead.

I’d gotten incredibly lucky with these two. I’d met them at a chef’s conference in L.A. and we’d immediately hit it off. I’d been in the first stages of planning Saphyre and after one day with them, learning their backgrounds and experience, I offered Andy the job as head chef. They were both unhappy with their current jobs and sick of L.A. So, they jumped at the chance to move, however, Andy wouldn’t accept the position unless I was willing to hire James as well. I wasn’t as confident in him, but he quickly proved himself and now I wouldn’t trust my baby in anyone else’s hands.

“Sienna, you’ve met James and this is my head chef, Andy.” I gave James a warning look before speaking again. “Sienna is going to be my new personal assistant.” His eyebrows shot up to his hairline, but he wisely kept quiet.

“Well, I haven’t—”

“I’m going to show her around, see you later.” I tightened my grip on her hand and strode from the kitchen, headed for the dining room. I felt a finger poking my shoulder and slowed my pace, turning my head to glance back at Sienna. She didn’t say anything, and I stopped to face her fully. “What is it, baby?”

She raised a single eyebrow. “Oh, am I allowed to speak now?” I grinned and motioned with my hand for her to continue. “Are you always going to be this bossy?”

“Probably,” I answered immediately with a shrug.

Sienna rolled her eyes to the ceiling and sighed. “At least you’re honest about it,” she muttered. Damn, she was cute. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d smiled so much. “Well,” she continued, “cut the ventriloquism act. I’m not a puppet and can speak for myself.”

Something inside me burst with warmth and before I could check the instinct, I tugged her forward until she fell into my chest. My arms went around her and I lowered my head to brush my lips over hers. “Fuck, you’re as soft and sweet as you look,” I murmured. I allowed myself one more touch of our lips and enjoyed the sight of her brown eyes darkening with desire and a sweet blush gracing her cheeks.

The fog cleared, and she quickly took a step back. I let her leave my embrace but once again, took her hand firmly in mine.

“Is kissing you in the job description?”

I smirked and tapped the end of her nose. “Nope, just a perk.”

Her eyes dropped to my lips for a second before she seemed to realize what she was doing. She huffed and muttered something as she marched past me, entering the seating area of the restaurant. My eyes followed her example and dropped down, except they were glued to her ass as she walked ahead of me.

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