Devour Me, Baby(57)

By: Fiona Davenport

I was tired of the game.

“Do you need to come, baby girl?” I purred.

“Yes! Please, Ethan. Please!”

I kissed her deeply again and rubbed my shaft over her soaked pussy. “I’m going in bare, Lilah.” My voice was tight and gruff from keeping control. “I’m going to fill you with come and plant another baby in your belly.”


“No buts, Lilah. I don’t want to wait and”—I pulled back slightly and looked down into her shining blue eyes—“I think if you stop and really consider it, you’ll realize you don’t either. Don’t you want another little Rush, baby girl? Maybe a little Bonnie this time?”

Lilah’s eyes softened and filled with tears. “Bonnie?”

I nodded and smiled before kissing her softly. “What do you say? Should we make a little Bonnie, my sweet Lilah?”

“Yes,” she breathed, and I didn’t wait another second before burying myself so deep inside her I didn’t know where she ended and I began.

By the time we fell to our backs, sweaty, exhausted, and completely sated, I’d come in her at least three times. “I love you,” I murmured as I held her close while she fell asleep. When I woke a few hours later and Rush was still asleep, I filled her one more time for good measure. One month later, when we discovered she was pregnant, I figured it was that last time which got the job done.

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