Devour Me, Baby(6)

By: Fiona Davenport

I showed her around the rest of the space and introduced her to the staff on duty. Her eyes sparkled, and it was easy to see her falling in love with the place. I was extremely pleased with her reaction as I always hoped my wife would be as passionate about Saphyre as I was.


Fuck, that sounded good. I couldn’t wait to put my ring on her finger and my baby in her belly. However, for the moment, I kept those thoughts to myself.

Saphyre was just opening their doors for lunch when we finished, so I commandeered a small table in a secluded corner and ordered lunch. She asked me about my plans now that my show was done and I told her about my goal to open another restaurant, as well as a guest spot I’d agreed to. I was going to be a judge on a reality cooking show.

I asked her questions about her classes as well as her family. Her parents apparently lived in a small town a couple of hours away, and she had a brother who was a pilot and lived in Chicago.

“Do you have class tonight, baby?” I asked when we finished eating. She shook her head as she sipped from a glass of sparkling water.

“I go to school in the mornings and twice a week I have labs at two in the afternoon.”

I stood and held my hand out to help her up. “Great. I can take you to your new home, and we’ll get you moved in this weekend.”

She placed her napkin on the table before allowing me to help her stand. Straightening her shoulders and spine, clearly attempting to close as much of the gap in our height difference as possible. She looked me square in the eye with a determined glint. Part of me wanted to laugh at her effort to be intimidating, the other was wary of what she had to say.

“I told you before, Owen. I’m fine with my current living arrangements. You don’t even have to add the cost that you would have paid in room and board to my salary.” I was about to steam roll over her and demand that she move in with me, but then I saw a shadow pass over her face as she mentioned her place. I decided to dig into that a little later, while taking the bees and honey route for a moment.

“Let me at least show it to you and then you can decide.” I smiled hopefully and in the next breath, her shoulders sagged and she agreed. We headed to my office to gather my things and while she was a few steps ahead, I pulled out my phone to text a friend of mine. He owned a security company, and I wanted him to run a check on Sienna. I needed as much information about her living arrangements as possible so I could come up with leverage to move her in with me as quickly as possible.



“Mmm,” I sighed, waking up feeling deliciously warm. I stayed where I was, keeping my eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensation. It wasn’t until I stretched my arms above my head that I realized most of the warmth was coming from a body sprawled next to me. I tried to scoot away, but I was pinned to the mattress by a heavy arm draped over my belly.

“What the—” I twisted to the side and found Owen there, sound asleep. It all came rushing back to me. My interview that resulted in a job offer I hadn’t been expecting. The way he’d maneuvered me into visiting his undeniably gorgeous home. How we’d sat outside and chatted about everything and nothing at all over a glass of wine. One glass turned into two, and then Owen insisted that he had to feed me since I’d been drinking. I’d watched, enthralled by the sight of him in the kitchen, as he’d whipped together a delicious meal with only the contents of his pantry since he’d been out of town and didn’t have anything in the fridge. He was even more impressive in person than on television... which is why I’d helped to polish off another bottle of wine with dinner.

The surreal situation I’d found myself in had definitely called for liquid courage. If only I hadn’t taken it a glass (or more) too far and landed myself in an even more unbelievable position—me, in bed with an incredibly sexy man. I wasn’t completely certain how I’d ended up here, let alone with him asleep beside me. The details after dinner were kind of fuzzy.

Did I?

Did we?

I couldn’t even finish the thought in my own head. Lifting the sheet up with a trembling hand, I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I found myself dressed in a long T-shirt and a pair of boxers. If I’d been too drunk to remember losing my virginity to Owen, then surely I would also have been too drunk to think to ask for clothes to sleep in. Right?

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