Devour Me, Baby(7)

By: Fiona Davenport

The only person who could answer that question pulled me closer to his body and whispered in my ear, “Morning, beautiful.”

Holy wow, the sound of his raspy morning voice would have had my panties melting off my body... if I’d been wearing any. My silent freak-out ratcheted up a couple of notches as I once again thought about what might have happened between us last night.

“You sleep okay?”

“Yeah.” My reply was barely audible, more just my lips moving without any sound coming out. But that didn’t make my answer any less truthful. I’d slept better than I had in months, which was crazy considering it was the first time I’d ever spent the night in bed with a man. You’d think that would make for a restless night.

“Good.” He dropped a kiss on my shoulder—a freaking KISS—and rolled out of bed. My gaze slid down his sculpted chest, counting the ridges as I skimmed down to his black boxers. I yanked my head back up when it dawned on me what the tented material meant. He was hard. And freaking huge!

“Umm.” My cheeks filled with heat, and he smirked at me with a knowing look in his eyes.

“Get used to it, baby. You’re going to be seeing a whole lot of me.”

“About that.” I jumped out of bed and searched the room for my clothes. “How much of you did I see last night?”

“Not as much as I’d have liked.”

That’s a shame.

What? Where did that thought come from? My head jerked up as I paused in my frantic search. He was stalking towards me, and I backed up a couple of steps, holding my hands up to ward him off. “So we didn’t? You know, do the horizontal tango?”

“No, Sienna. All we did was cuddle and sleep.” His green eyes flared as he took another step closer. “When I have you under me, there won’t be any doubts in your head about what happened between us. You’ll remember because you’ll feel where I’ve been for days.”

I couldn’t bring myself to think about the second half of his answer and what it meant, so I focused on the first part. “We cuddled?”

“Yeah,” he admitted sheepishly. “Normally, I’m not much of a cuddler, but I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to have you in my arms.”

“The only chance,” I gasped, bumping into the wall as I tried to back further away from him. “If you’re going to be my boss, this”—I waved between us and the rumpled bed—“can’t happen again.”

He moved closer, wrapping his hands around my wrists and yanking me into his body. “There’s no if about it, Sienna. I am your boss, and this is going to happen again, along with a helluva lot more.”

I fought against my sudden urge to relax into him and instead, narrowed my eyes. “We’ll table discussion about how I got changed for now. I don’t have time to argue with you about this right now. I have classes this morning. I need to find my clothes, get dressed, stop at home, take a shower, and grab my school stuff before I head over to campus.”

I was a list person. They were my comfort zone, and rattling off all the things I had to do today made me feel less unnerved. More confident.

“Take a shower here.”

I opened my mouth to argue, but Owen brushed his lips across mine and effectively shut me up.

“Without me.” He quirked an eyebrow and flashed me a rakish smile. “This time around at least.”

“All the times,” I corrected with a stomp of my foot.

He smiled, tweaked my nose, and backed away from me. “Go ahead and keep fooling yourself if that’s what it takes for you to pack your stuff up tonight and move in here.”

“No, I—”

“Don’t even try it, Sienna. You already agreed last night, and I’m not going to let you change your mind. It’s done. Living here is a requirement for your position as my assistant.”

I knew I should argue more. Try to get him to see reason. Make him understand why it was a really bad idea for us to live under the same roof. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it; not when there was a little voice inside my head that kept reminding me of the reason why it was also the best idea ever.

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