Dirty Daddy:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(10)

By: Alexis Angel

“Now, baby girl,” Magnus growls, pulling me from his cock.

The waves of my orgasm leave me in aftershocks, but I’m eager and lustful enough to be ready for his cum, his orgasm. I drop down to my knees and grab his full length instantly. He’s coated with my cum and I close my mouth down on the head of his cock.

Magnus slams my head down on his cock so that I take him even deeper.

His spurting cock shoots ropes of his seed down my throat, slickening my mouth and salting the tang of my own pussy juices on him. The creamy, musky taste of us together mingles on my tongue. I swallow it in my throat and eagerly I take him in. I suck, swallow, lick, and treat my stepfather’s cock like a lollipop. Like it is his mouth I am kissing. Like I’m drinking the elixir of everlasting life. I moan while I swallow him, the experience of taking him and taking him so far inside my mouth and throat and sucking in both our pleasure feeling like the most erotic experience of my entire life.

A sting—like pain but somehow pleasurable—lights on my head as Magnus’s fingers wrap into my hair, squeezing and claiming my head, my sucking mouth down on his cock. He’s holding me tight, forcing me to stay there deep. I love this, though, even if he wasn’t holding me down. I feel small, fragile, at his mercy. And it's this benevolent mastery of his that I delight in because I'm content to be his slutty little daughter, taking every inch of his cock. Swallowing both our cum and tasting it slide hot down into my belly.

Dinner was nice, but this devilish act is so much more satisfying going down. I feel him course through my veins and there’s something primal about this. I like being at his mercy, pinned to his cock, all in his limo while I shiver and ache so good from the way we fucked.

Magnus is dressed and looks too gorgeous and put together like he always does. No one would be able to tell, save his free cock, which my mouth has captured, that he just fucked the daylights out of his slutty little daughter. Me? I look wrecked in the most delicious way. My nipples ache, and a low thrum in my belly meets the quickening pace of my heart. I can almost hear the blood rushing in my ears, I’m so aroused. I’m a shaking, shivering, sticky, sweating mess of lust. I want to suck his cock forever. And I do, sort of. I keep sucking long after I’ve cleaned off my cum and milked dry every last drop of his cum.

Magnus keeps his fingers in my hair while I keep devouring every inch of his cock. That enormous rod keeps its steel hardness in my mouth. His moans are low in his throat. A deep appreciation for the way I’m touching him. My nipples are grazing the seat of the limo and the leather is hot and cold depending on where my nipples touch in proximity to Magnus’s body while I’m bobbing up and down his cock.

The burning in my pussy rises like a flame that will destroy me utterly.

Never in my life have I felt like I was in such a fluid, unending state of arousal. I almost fear I'll never come down from this high. My body is the least tense it has ever been in its life, yet I’m like a violin’s string pulled too taught and I could be plucked to a fatal pleasure at any moment.

Magnus runs his hands down my back. “Don’t you need to breathe, Penny? You’re sucking my cock like it's your life support,” he says with a laugh. It's a belly laugh, something deep that makes me feel proud.

I don’t know if I've ever heard him laugh so heartily, and, yet ... there’s a lightness to the moment. Something intimate we are sharing that we’ve never done before. Not in our relationship as stepfather and stepdaughter. Not as a one-sided flirting pair at dinner. The warmth spreading through my belly is something else. Something tinged with lust and something else I don’t quite know how to describe.

I don’t answer him with words. I breathe through my nose and keep sucking on his cock. I want his overpowering strength when he decides he’s had enough. I feel his thighs jerking and I know I’m close to that edge of his.

Finally, his hands pull at the nape of my neck in a predatory way that turns me on. I look up at him and I lean up to kiss him on the chest, above his heart. Never have I been fucked like this. I feel like there needs to be the right greeting card for this.

One more time. My insides will be sore, but you only live once.

I lay him back and climb onto him.

And I ride. I ride every last drop of his cum surging from his cock into my pussy and moan along with his insistent groans, taking him deep until we’re both breathing heavily and holding each other.

Jesus Daddy. You just wore out your stepdaughter’s pussy.

It doesn’t get any better than this, ya know?


The New York Daily Journal

Bad Boy Reformed?

Gossip Central on Page Eight. From the Desk of Vicky Durner - All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!

Well, well, well. Looks like a certain bad boy billionaire of New York is trying to be more of a man and less of a frog. But is this just an act?

Good morning Gotham. That’s the question that millions of people around the city are undoubtedly asking themselves after seeing real estate mogul Magnus Davion in an environment that he’s not normally associated with—a charity gala.

That’s right New Yorkers. You read that right and you’re eyes are not playing tricks on you. Magnus Davion – self proclaimed bad boy of New York City – was spotted at a charity gala. He didn't get into any fights. He didn't pull down his pants and wave his rather large … appendage … in the faces of the elite. He didn't get drunk and fall asleep. He didn’t even do anything that makes watching him so revoltingly addictive.

Instead, he behaved himself as he mingled with the crowd, often charming and engaging those around him. He spent a fair amount of time according to my spies with his mystery date—a woman who we still haven't been able to figure out an identity for, but know was very good looking. And he delivered a speech that received a standing ovation.

Excuse me for saying the obvious, but that behavior is not acceptable for someone who wants to be known as a loud, obnoxious, boorish clown. It’s also not becoming of the poster child for immature man-child.

So, could Magnus Davion be growing up? Could he be evolving into a higher level of consciousness – the kind of higher level consciousness that usually occurs as people grow out of adolescence and become adults?

Citizens of Gotham, let's not hold our breath.

What's more likely to this jaded gossip columnist is that Magnus Davion is trying to clean up his image. Trying to make himself more palatable to the millions of hard working, decent, and God-fearing New Yorkers who have to put up with shenanigans on a day-to-day basis. And that public relations executive who got the Magnus Davion account probably put together a portfolio of charity galas, dinners, fundraisers, and photo ops all designed to make us think that this man is really a good guy instead of just another rich asshole.

And you know what? With enough of these, we probably will think he’s a good guy.

We’ll probably forget how Magnus Davion got drunk one night and urinated in a restaurant fountain as people were eating dinner last month.

We’ll probably forget how he was filmed receiving fellatio in his Maserati as he sped down Fifth Avenue earlier this year.

We’ll probably forget how he got upset at a cable company call center representative who was unhelpful to him, which led him to buy the cable company itself just to fire that individual. It happened last year, but I bet you’ve already forgotten, haven’t you, New York?

I’m willing to bet that’s the plan, New York. We’ll just have to see what happens. You can bet we’ll keep reporting.

Until then, keep your ears to the ground, New York. I'll be listening!



“Magnus to Earth! Magnus to Earth!” Joyce says, repeating that sentence over and over again until she finally slams the palm of her hand onto my desk. I sit up straight, cough into my hand, and nod at her, trying to pretend I was listening to her all along, which I fucking wasn’t, of course. After that night with Penny, focusing on anything is just outright impossible.

“I’m here,” I tell her, and she just sighs and throws the latest New York Daily Journal on top of the desk. She looks at me with a self-satisfied smile, pointing at the newspaper.

“Like I was saying, it seems that the tides are turning.”

“Indeed they are,” I whisper, leaning back against my chair and propping my feet up on the desk. I grab the newspaper and head straight to the Gossip Central column. I’ve already read the newspaper on my way to the office, but a second pass won’t hurt. It feels good to read something different; usually all I get is hate. “You were right, Joyce, this gala thing really helped out.”

“Of course I was right. That’s what you pay me for,” she says, slightly offended, and then she smiles. “Anyway, you’re pretty cheery today. Anything you wanna share?”

“I’m always fucking cheery, Joyce.” I stretch my arms, taking my feet out from the desk and swiveling around on the chair. I look out into the vast New York skyline; the concrete jungle sprawled right under me. Joyce would fucking kill me if she knew what I was up to last Friday night. I mean, she’s a fucking lawyer, she knows how to get away with murder.

“Yeah, I’m just asking because when you’re this happy … that usually means trouble is heading our way.”

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