Dirty Daddy:A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance(8)

By: Alexis Angel

Because then we'll both have what we want.

To get lost in each other and not care about anything but fucking each other.

I press my lips together and delete the modicum of space between us, kissing him on the cheek.

I feel Magnus's whole body stiffen and I know I must really be getting to him.

My hand is shivering—that's no act—as I slide up his thighs even more until I'm so close to touching the thing I've dreamed about for far too long. Magnus's magnum-sized cock is bulging from his trousers so lewdly that my curiosity is piqued more than ever before and I want to wrap my hand around it. I am close enough to feel the heat radiating from his dick, so grabbing it is so much closer now.

"Be careful, little girl, because you can't handle what you're asking for," Magnus says, his tone controlled. His words are measured and full of warning. I hear the tension. I hear him holding back.

Doesn't he know that's what I'm looking for right now? I don't want to think about what's right or wrong – hell, I don’t want to think at all. I want to be overwhelmed and give in to what my pussy wants, not what my brain complicates. Just for tonight.

"Is that so?" My hand hovers over his cock. Part of me wants to just grasp his cock and feel the power his tool can offer.

But when he issues the warning to me? It makes a woman like me decide to issue my own. I'm going to show him exactly what he'd be missing if he doesn't take what I'm looking to give tonight.

I pull my hand away, and I reach under the hemline of my dress, instead. I loop my thumbs into the sides of my thong and pull it down, shimmying out of them with more than a little fanfare. I hold them in front of us both so we see the wet v shape and the tiny seat where my pussy was, and when I follow his line of sight there, I lean over and sit those on his lap, right where that cock I'm dying to hold is.

I exhale and bring my finger under my dress. I run my finger up and down my slick folds, slowly, letting the sensation of the touch hitting my skin sink into my bones. I look him right in the eyes.

Magnus actually looks a little angry, and that's got to be a good sign. A sign that I am closer to getting what I want. Getting him to give in.

Spreading my thighs out so that my leg is on top of him a little bit, I work the stretchiness of my skirt. I slide one finger into my pussy, gasping at the feeling. I bring my thumb, up and down, on my clit, and I find a rhythm that makes my stomach go taut and thunders my pulse.

"Daddy," I moan out. "Daddy, you make me so horny," I whimper, laying my head on his shoulder and whimpering. "Don't make me touch my pussy all by myself. Don't you want to touch my pussy?"

Oh God! So I went for it. Like, what man would be able to resist you laying all over them and touching your pussy in front of them.

Well, a regular man couldn't resist this.

Magnus? I feel his body is still tense. It has nothing to do with him being prudish. I know better than that. So why isn't this working?

I slide another finger into my pussy, scissoring my fingers for a moment to stretch myself to accommodate them. Magnus could be stuffing me so full of his cock that I'd feel my inner walls shudder around him. I increase the pressure on my clit, squeezing my eyes shut and imagining his hands touching my pussy instead of mine. His fingers stroking me, instead of my own. I curl my fingers to stimulate my G-spot and inhale deeply the scent of him surrounding me. I bite my lip, squeeze my toes. My nerve endings all set on edge and the pleasure shoots through my body. Honestly, I can't believe how turned on I am right now. I am lost in the moment and somehow I lost my inhibitions because of it. My breathing quickens and I work up the strength to turn and face him. "You want me to cum for you, Daddy?" I whimper out, but this time I'm not putting on any act. I want to look my stepfather in the eye and cum hard, my fingers in my pussy while I watch him watching me.

"Penny, I can't believe you're doing this. I'm trying to be a good ex-stepfather, whatever that is, and you're rattling a cage you won't want to have opened," Magnus says with a growling undercurrent in his voice.

"But don't I, Magnus? Don't I want to know what it would be like if you put your hands on me, even though it's so damn wrong, so naughty ... don't you want a dangerous thrill, just for tonight?" My breathing is labored and I'm pumping my fingers into my pussy even faster now. "I don't want to cum on my fingers. I wanna cum on your cock, Daddy," I moan out, my thumb on my clit maddening me with desire.

"Fuck, put your damn legs together and stop this!" Magnus says with more than a hint of danger in his voice. A thousand matches struck, that's the fire in his voice. I actually drag my finger down my clit and my knees start to close a little, just hearing his authoritative voice commands me like that.

But, no, that's not how this is happening. I want him, and if he's not going to touch me, I'm going to think about him touching me and stroke my own pussy. I'm thinking about him, how broad his shoulders are. I'm leaning against one now, but I want to see what it looks like beneath his shirt, muscles tensing on his upper arms. They are bulging outlines beneath the shirt, but I want them bared...as he draws a hand out. I can tell he’s going to smack my ass for being so bad.

I love it.

"If I'm being so bad, Daddy, are you going to spank me?" I say, whimpering.

Something changes. It's as if thunder crackles through the air, the stark difference is so striking. Magnus's hand circles around my wrist, and he pulls my fingers from my pussy. I groan out at the emptiness I feel. Him taking my hand away takes my breath away.

Magnus balls up my panties from his lap and shoves them into my mouth.

"You wanna be a bad girl, Penny? I know what to do with bad girls. I tried to warn you." His voice vibrates through my body with his dark promise.

“Yes, Daddy, I wanna be so bad with you,” I say, except the panties in my mouth make my words a little jumbled. Somehow, the scent and flavor of my own pussy makes me even wetter.

“Your naughty pussy, you stroked it right in front of your stepfather and you were about to cum? You aren’t going to cum until you’ve been properly punished. This is going to take a while. You are not to cum until I give you permission.”

Magnus is a whole new man now. All the tension has left his body. His cock is hard as steel, pressing against my ass right now and making me want to yelp with need. I mean, his cock is pulsing so hard against my flesh, his long inches igniting a fire so fierce that I just want to moan and scream my head out.

Of course, any sound that I make is muffled by my wet panties in my mouth. I feel chastised already, and instead of feeling shy or embarrassed…I'm thrilled. Yes, thrilled that he’s going to unleash whatever he’s been holding back all this time. Magnus didn’t want to act on what was happening between us, but now he has to. I pushed him, and I’m so eager for the push back.

I inhale, breathing in the musky taste and scent of my own arousal, exhale.

Magnus presses his fingers into my thighs, running his fingers up my thighs. When he reaches the fabric of my skirt, he bunches it all up on my stomach. The pressure of the fabric against my belly makes the heat pooling there even more intense, which I didn’t think was possible.

Until his palms flatten on the inner sides of each of my thighs. He spreads them apart and time stops for me…slowing to a standstill.

I was about to cum on my hand before, but that’s nothing compared to the feel of him spreading me apart for whatever he’s going to unleash.

“Keep these spread for me,” Magnus says. He pulls the panties from my mouth and shoves them into a compartment in the limo.

Well, I guess I’m not getting those back. I want to say something about how naughty he is for keeping his daughter’s panties. But I’m too paralyzed with lust. All I manage to do is respond to his command. “Yes, Daddy,” I say. My voice is small now, not because I’m toying with him.

No, my voice is small now because he’s toying with me.

God, being his toy now awakens something deep within me that turns me on in ways I didn’t know I could be turned on.

Magnus trails his fingers up until they meet at my pussy. He dips his fingers in and feels just how wet I am, swirling my arousal around my pussy lips.

I shiver, I shake, I can’t help but react to his fingers on my pussy, lighting me on fire with lust. But I keep my thighs spread like he told me to.

"I'm going to spank that naughty pussy," Magnus says with an exhale. He's excited to be doing this. I think about his warnings, now, and I shiver.

He's going to hit me...there? Oh god, I knew Magnus was a kinky motherfucker. Well now he's about to be a kinky daughter fucker and nothing can prepare me for this. I'm shaking, forcing myself not to move my thighs. I'm already getting one punishment. I don't need to go and earn another because I disobeyed and moved my thighs. Even though I'm terrified, I'm also exhilarated. My pussy is so wet that I feel my juice run down my pussy lips and drip down my ass, and onto Magnus's lap. He must be noticing it too. I felt it sliding out of me and it got me all sticky with my lust.

Magnus's eyes capture mine, and he raises his hand, waving those fingers at me slowly. Then, he slaps it down, closing the space between us and smacking my pussy. My clit twitches. The wet sound in the air is so taboo, I almost taste it. Daddies give spankings...and my stepdaddy is spanking my pussy. He does it again and my thighs give out and slam together in reaction, for just a second. I pull them back apart quickly but it's already too late.

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