Dream Shard(6)

By: Mary Wine

He stiffened to support himself and she took the opportunity to move across her small living room to the bedroom door. She turned the knob and pushed it open, but turned when she heard a crunching sound.

Her guest dropped the crushed pieces of her cell phone onto the kitchen bar. His eyes glittered with some sort of intense need as he leaned on the bar. He pulled the gun free and aimed it out the open front door at her jeep. Two quick pulls on the trigger and the front tires popped, releasing their air in a shrill sound.

“No…calls…no one. Or you’ll end…up…dead.”

He gathered his remaining strength and stood up. What little color he’d had drained away as he stumbled toward her. She backed through the bedroom door just in time to avoid being run over. He made it to her bed and flopped onto it. With a last groan, he rolled onto his back and turned his head to fix her in his sights. He gripped the butt of the pistol, seeming to gain some comfort from the feeling of it against his palm before his eyes rolled up and closed.

The sound of a ringing cell phone mixed with the low tones of pleasure in the darkened bedroom. The woman opened her eyes and locked stares with her lover.

“You’re not going to answer that now?”

Major Garrick Gennaro groaned, forcing himself to focus on something other than the woman straddling his hips. Her skin glistened with perspiration and her nipples were tight, proving she was as close to orgasm as he was. But his phone buzzed again.

“Got to.” He reached for the slim cell phone sitting on the gleaming bedside table and the woman on top of him hissed. She lifted herself off him and flounced onto the bed beside him.

“You said you were off duty. You’re a good lay, but you’re not the only man I can get.”

She scooted off the edge of the bed and disappeared into the spacious master bathroom. A second later, the shower turned on, proving that even pissed off, Monica remembered the rules of having him under her roof. No listening in on classified conversations.

He sat up and pushed the button on his phone. “Major Gennaro.”

“This is Slynn.”

Gennaro was on his feet instantly. The general wouldn’t be on the line if something catastrophic hadn’t happened. “Yes, sir?”

“Your team is down. All three birds. Preliminary reports suggest no survivors.”

“What the fuck?” The words were out of his mouth before he recalled the stars on the man’s shoulders. Even after the information processed through his shocked brain, he couldn’t bring himself to apologize for cussing under the circumstances. “I’m coming in, sir.”

“I’ll hold the recon team for your arrival. Slynn out.”

Gennaro dressed with quick, efficient motions. Every man on his Ranger team flashed through his mind as he made ready to depart. He tucked the laces on his boots in before checking his gun and holstering it. The moment he finished, he heard a soft tap from the bathroom doorframe.

Monica leaned against it, a pink towel wrapped around her body. The frustration was gone, her expression full of concern. She worried her lower lip and he could tell she was quelling the urge to ask him what was happening.

“Be careful out there, Garrick. I’ll leave the porch light on for you.”

She offered him a smile but her tone told him how forced it was. He did admire the effort. Not many women could roll with the demands of his career. Being dedicated didn’t mean he didn’t get lonely. Far from it.

“You do that.”

He turned and left. Monica’s soft sigh was the last thing he heard before allowing everything but the status of his unit to dissipate from his thoughts.

Her knees gave out.

Kalin’s emotions surged past her shock as she slid down the wooden wall of the bedroom. She ended up sitting on the floor, her eyes glued to the man unconscious in her bed. The fingers he’d locked around the gun relaxed until his hand lost contact with it.

She drew in a deep breath and forced herself to stand. Her knees felt weak but she leaned on the wall for a moment before turning and rushing through the doorway. She stumbled to a stop in the middle of the small living room when she got a look at her jeep. Both front tires were sunk in, the rims resting on the gravel road.

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