Endless Trails(40)

By: Bonnie R. Paulson

She didn't have anything else to offer him. That was it. That was all she was.

Ryland put his hands over hers on his face and turned his lips to kiss the palm of her hand. “Good. Because I love you, too. And I love that little man.”

He pulled back from her, his eyes holding hers. He closed the door when she put her feet back in the right way.

Amy's heart couldn’t handle anymore happiness. She was safe, Cody was safe, and they were loved. Both of them. Ryland included Cody in everything... like he was his own son.

Amy would see her mom for the Thanksgiving weekend. Mary and Dean were like a new family for them and Amy's endless trail of tears and worry had ended because of Ryland.

How could it be she had gotten so lucky?


Ryland picked up the phone. The buzzing hadn’t stopped for three minutes. He hadn’t answered because he didn’t recognize the number. Whoever it was, they were persistent as all get out.

The 208 prefix was a north Idaho number. Ryland didn't know anyone in North Idaho. At least, not as far as he knew. He gave in and answered, certain the person calling was either a very stubborn telemarketer or someone with the wrong number. “Hello.”

“Ryland, it's Ruby. I can't find my brothers. Where are you?” His cousin’s voice tripped over the line, demanding, insistent.

Ryland pushed himself up from the mattress. He looked at the wall across from him. “Ruby? We haven’t heard from you in years. They don’t live on that side of the state anymore. They’re in Taylor Falls, in Clearwater.”

She blew out a burst of air. “Well, I'm coming back. I'm out for revenge. I need their address. Don't warn them I'm coming. This visit needs to be a surprise.”

Ryland told her where the rest of the Montana Trails were at. When she hung up, he marveled at the difference in how she sounded. She’d become hard, not like the broken girl he had seen for the last time when she was much younger.

Something was wrong and he had a feeling he and Amy were going to be headed back to Clearwater. At least for a little while.

Even though she told him not to warn her brothers, Ryland made the call. They all had to know she was coming.

Montana wasn’t ready for a girl like Ruby.

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