FURY:A Rio Games Romance(69)

By: Alison Ryan

Savannah’s parents had flown home after the quarterfinals, to a less stressful environment closer to the medical care they needed.

Solomon watched the game with Tracy Lowery, both wearing USWNT jerseys with Logan’s number on them. Solomon wearing his medal, of course.

Taking a halftime walk to the concession stand, Solomon bumped into Adonis DeCarlo, and the two shook hands. Adonis expressed admiration for Solomon’s rescue of Alyssa and Tara, and the only shade he threw Solomon’s direction was to tell him that although Solomon looked good in bronze, that it wasn’t really his color. And that he’d see him in Tokyo in four years.

At the medal ceremony, as each woman had gold draped around her neck, team captain Lori Gallagher leaned forward just before the anthem began to play and shouted to Logan:

“Hey, Lowery! Does this,” she pointed to her gold medal, “make us the tears, the fire, or the roasting meat?”

Logan stifled a laugh, while most of her teammates could not, and she replied. “It makes us fucking Olympic champions!”


Fast forward to Tokyo…

Solomon’s bronze medal translated to megawatt celebrity status in Fiji. His home base remained Cincinnati, but his visits home became more frequent, and he was treated like royalty from the moment he touched down. Judo exploded across the islands, with dojos popping up on every other block. A medal had seemed out of reach in Rio, and although he’d climbed the world ranks of 90 kilo judoka, he still entered Tokyo as a dark horse in an ultra-competitive division.

Solomon had met Adonis four times since the Olympics in various tournaments, splitting the matches evenly, both men winning twice. They’d become something like friends over time.

By 2020, Logan had solidified her place as one of a handful of true stars in worldwide women’s soccer. She was on cereal boxes, shoe commercials, and her poster graced the walls of little girls, especially those with curly hair, all over the United States. Savannah, Alyssa, and Tara were what many considered the “core four” of the squad, favored to repeat as gold medalists.

The twins were still around, but after multiple knee surgeries, Allie had retired from the international game. Angie was easier to take without her sister around to egg her on.

With the exit of one set of twins, however, a new pair came on the scene. By the time the Tokyo Olympics kicked off, they were just a few months past their third birthdays.

When Logan and Solomon left Rio, both wearing their medals, they thought they were wearing the best possible souvenirs from a month spent at the Olympics.

What they didn’t know yet, was that the most precious keepsakes they were bringing home with them weren’t medals or endorsements.

They were fraternal twins. Conceived in a certain Olympic swimming pool in Rio.

Not only were Solomon and Logan now international sports stars… They were also parents.

One boy (Lowery). And one feisty little girl (Laini).

It was scary how perfect life seemed. But instead of dwelling on whether they deserved it all, Solomon Kano and Logan Kano would just say that it was part of seizing their moment.

Something they promised to do together forever.


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