Fighting for Love(3)

By: L.P. Dover

If I was going to be someone else I might as well play the part, right?

My shoulder-length hair was no longer a dull shade of ashy brown—like it was for all of my life—instead, it was now a dark, chocolate brown with honey highlights that matched the color of my eyes. It was also longer in length, which worked great to throw it up into a messy bun on those lazy days.

I graduated from Berkeley with a journalism degree, earning numerous awards among my peers, which happened to get me noticed by the right people. Three weeks after graduating, I found myself in a swank office with a wonderful view and doing what I loved. In the process, I was able to bring Lexi along with me so that she could put her photography skills to good use for my articles.

To get my attention, Lexi tapped her fingers on my desk and cleared her throat. “Hey, no amount of spacing out is going to get you off the hook of giving me details. You never called to tell me what happened between you and Caleb last night. You know Hayley brought him specifically to the party to meet you, right?”

Wide-eyed, I quickly turned around and gasped in disbelief, “What? I had no idea.”

Lexi smiled, batting her eyelashes innocently at me, but she wasn’t fooling me; I knew that look. Her and her fiancé, Will, have tried numerous times to set me up with some of his friends, but none of them interested me. They were all arrogant and completely self-involved, and most of all they were boring. Somehow, it didn’t surprise me that Hayley wanted to try next.

Hayley was Lexi’s younger sister by only two years, and a dance choreographer with numerous music videos under her belt. Her parents made her visit me and Lexi at Berkeley in hopes that we would convince her to go to college instead of pursuing a career in dancing. Hayley had always been headstrong and determined to get what she wanted, so it was no surprise that after high school she followed her dreams against her parents’ wishes. She had guts, and I loved that about her.

Crossing my arms at the chest, I glared at Lexi and sighed. “She didn’t want to tell me because she knew I would get pissed if she brought a blind date to my party, right?”

Sheepishly, Lexi slumped down in her chair. “Yeah, kind of. She was almost positive you would like him, so she offered me two tickets to see One Direction in concert if I added her boyfriend and Caleb to the after party list. It worked out great, didn’t it? He’s cute and you both seemed to hit it off pretty well. Since you didn’t know it was a blind date, there wasn’t all of that blind date awkwardness that you hate so much.”

Yeah, that’s true, but it could’ve also been the martinis that helped.

“And you never answered my question,” she stated impatiently. “What happened between you and Caleb?” She sat at the edge of her seat, her eyes twinkling with mischief, as if I was going to tell her some big secret. Sadly, there wasn’t too much to tell.

“We just kissed, Lexi. That’s it, I promise,” I replied, taking a seat at my desk and grinning from ear to ear. “He also gave me his number.”

Caleb was a great guy; the first man in a long time that actually made me laugh and smile. I had a good time with him, flirting and talking, and once the night was up I let him kiss me goodnight. He left the ball in my hands by giving me his number, so it was only a matter of calling or not calling him. However, underneath that carefree attitude of his and boyish smile, I couldn’t get over the color of his majestic, emerald green eyes. That color haunted me because they were the same hint of green as the guy I left ten years ago. It was almost like I could never escape the memories of my past.

“Well, are you going to call him?” she asked excitedly.

When my smile faded, Lexi sighed and reached for my hand across the desk. Over the past few years I’d dated different men and I actually slept with a couple of them, thinking that the intimacy would help me move on. I was twenty-seven years old; I wanted a long lasting relationship. So far nothing had worked.

“Shels, you need to stop this. Moving on isn’t easy and I understand that, but if you don’t honestly try to then it’s never going to happen. Whether you call Caleb back or not, you owe it to yourself to be happy. You can’t punish yourself forever. You are worthy of a relationship, you know.”

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