Fighting for Love(8)

By: L.P. Dover

My time of solitude was over and now I had to get ready for work. The day at the beach with Caleb was just what I needed to get my mind focused on the right track. After talking and making out on the sand all afternoon, we finally split ways even though I knew he wanted to finish what we started. Hell, even I was sexually frustrated, but I knew it would be a mistake to have sex with him after knowing him for only two days.

We did make plans to go out to dinner on Sunday, since Saturday night he had to work, and we decided to ask Hayley and her boyfriend, along with Lexi and Will, to join us. I thought it would be fun, and that way I could spend time with my friends and him.

Once I finished pinning up the last of my hair in a classy updo my hair stylist showed me, I slid on my brown knee-high boots and hurried out of my room, making loud clanking noises as my heels beat against the hardwood floor on the way toward the kitchen. The house actually belonged solely to me and was completely in my name, but Jace helped pay the mortgage each month, as did Lexi when she used to live in the house. It was a contemporary style Victorian home with arched doorways, hardwood floors, and one of the most wonderful views of the bay on the third floor. I fell in love with it instantly.

The kitchen was Jace’s favorite place and one of the most striking rooms in the house. It was all white marble and white countertops; very sleek and bright. Jace had his back to me, facing the stove, and was wearing only a pair of dark blue running shorts that hung low on his hips.

His body was perfect for television and he got the chance to show it off plenty of times on the big screen. He also worked hard to keep those sculpted muscles and smooth skin; however, it was his charming smile that always won the producers over. Not to mention he had the biggest heart out of anyone I knew, but he liked to keep that quality about him a secret.

In college, after my world flipped upside down, Jace and Lexi both stayed with me in my apartment for a few weeks. On the nights I cried myself to sleep, Jace would come into my room and hold me while I sobbed in his arms. Even to this day, when I’d have nightmares—which, thankfully, weren’t as common anymore—I’d wake up to find him curled up next to me in my bed.

A slow smile spread across my lips, and in my mind I couldn’t help but think, It’s such a shame he’s gay. He would make the perfect boyfriend.

“Hey,” I said, walking past him to the refrigerator. After searching the shelves for the orange juice, I finally found it hidden behind everything else on the top shelf and pulled it out.

Jace peered at me over his shoulder and grinned wide before placing the two omelets he was making onto plates. “Hey, did you have fun on your day off yesterday?”

“I did. It was nice to get out and do something other than work,” I admitted honestly. Grabbing a couple of glasses out of the cabinet, I poured us both some orange juice and sat down at the table. “I also didn’t spend it there by myself,” I added slyly.

“What?” Jace exclaimed, turning to me quickly. “Did I miss something? Since when did you meet someone?”

“Well, try not to sound too shocked,” I teased with a roll of my eyes. “It was two days ago at the after party. You know the party you couldn’t be my date to because you were busy. Anyway, Lexi’s sister brought one of her friends, and we kind of hit it off. He was the one who hung out with me at the beach yesterday.”

Jace put the dirty dishes in the sink before bringing our plates with the omelets over to the table. He set mine down in front of me and took the seat to my right. “That’s awesome news, Shels. I’m glad you’re finally deciding to date again. You haven’t slept with this guy, have you?”

“No,” I blurted out incredulously. “I don’t want to move that fast, Jace. In a way I want to just because it’s been so damn long since I’ve been with someone, but I’m smart enough to know I shouldn’t.”

Jace nodded in agreement. “I think that’s a good decision. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Neither did I.

My phone was charging on the kitchen counter, and since I’d had it off all yesterday afternoon I figured it was time I turned it back on and face the thousands of messages I was sure to have. The second I turned my phone on, before I could even take a sip of my juice, it started beeping … over and over.

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